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The assassination of Darya Dugina on August 20th, 2022, is now paying dividends for the West. The death of the daughter of Russian propagandist Aleksandr Dugin, also known as Putin’s Brain, has had the effect of a lobotomy on the Kremlin’s war planners.

Before the war began on February 24th, 2022, Russians were convinced of being a great land power charged with deterring the aggression of sea power nations. With Darya’s death and Dugin’s irrelevance because of it, the War in Ukraine continues to become more about Russia’s Navy in the Black Sea along with its support of China’s aggression in the South and East China Seas. In other words, the whole psychosis that took possession of the Russian spirit to justify attacking Ukraine has been proven to be completely false.

It's a bit of an exaggeration, yet this would be like Hitler marrying a Jewish woman during Word War II. Dugin was said to be the Master Mind of Russian Nationalism. It’s clear to see that this Nationalism has been subverted into manipulation where the Russian elite have tricked average citizens to die on their border. This is horrible, and even more abysmal when we’re reminded of nuclear saber rattling. If Russian elites truly have no regard for the lives of the Motherland’s children then we can assume using Nuclear weapons is apart of the new calculus now relying on sea power.

In trying to separate fact from fiction in this developing conflict, we in the West are mislead though our perception of who’s running Russia, we all assume it’s Putin. Only From A to Z has reported that Putin is dying of Parkinson’s disease and is now living in Chad where he controls Wagner forces in creating the Confederation of African States linking the Atlantic Ocean with the Arabian Sea over land. He’s the perfect architect of this new politically integrated region since the only other leaders with this type of experience are American Presidents. This might be a Dugin type of philosophical political expression.

Yet we must return to the crux of this realization, who’s running Russia? I’m now going to make the case that Sergei Shoigu is now running Russia.

If you go back to Victory Day, 2022, you’ll see Putin walking around the back streets of Moscow hitting different events. Only you’ll also see that Shoigu is the only person he talks to as he makes the rounds. It’s even kind of odd that no one else speaks to Putin. Everything runs through Shoigu. Shoigu’s also the Minister of Defense. So, in the absence of Putin, Shoigu is the man.

Yet some might point to the mutiny that Prigozhin ran, where he called for Shoigu’s resignation, as proof that Putin’s in charge. Only From A to Z analysis sees this moment in history as the opportunity for Putin to leave Russia for Chad. His body double was installed in his place. Prigozhin was sent to Belarus, to attempt an attack on Poland in the hope of maintaining plausible deniability under a fake Lukashenko deal. Later Prigozhin was allowed back into Russia during a conference with African nations, while Shoigu went to North Korea with his daughter. Some saw this as a sign of Putin’s favor for Prigozhin.

Only we must remember Chess is a national pastime in Russia like baseball is in America. These are Chess moves meant to conceal true intentions and to protect the King from Check Mate. Only unlike a Chessboard we don’t know who the real King is, it could be Putin in Africa, Putin’s body double, or Prigozhin. Yet as I’m stressing now it’s Shoigu, he’s the real King of Russia now and he’s taking insults from those unable to recognize the shift in political power.

Aside from leading drunken karaoke rounds with oligarchs, the only other personal note we have on Shoigu lately is that he forced his daughter to divorce her husband because of disparaging remarks he made about the War in Ukraine.

While we could easily say that this is barbaric warfare akin to a school shooting, there is something deeper here that’s unknown to the West and could become a lethal weapon if the threat isn’t taken seriously. It seems fair to say that Russia and China aim to win. They really think they can overrun the global political order with violence. Yet the real gut feeling of their political leaders motivating them to take this risk isn’t clear to the West at the moment.

Thank you,
Cyrus Emerson
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