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It’s fitting that the first instalment of the new West Coast Milblogger series would begin as the grain deal ends. Up to this point I’ve been invested in the future of From A to Z and the hope that Hemp could save the world. Yet as illustrated in my Kindle Vella Pandemic Manifesto the Trump Administration used every tool in its arsenal to undermine the launch of a new industry in the United States months before the global Pandemic. Many lives were lost to suicide as someone known for business went against his own values to destroy American industry.

Yes, industry, in that Hemp can be used to create a green textile industry that alleviates the demand for rare Earth minerals in the hopes that sustainable business models around the globe can take over for the current status quo. As From A to Z illustrated in their final newsletter we are now left with a global war, possibility of mass starvation, and the creation of pollution zones for the expansion of rare Earth mineral mining.

As we introduce this series it’s important to state the ground rules. It is our belief that this is not the start of World War III. This is the reigniting of World War II as the borders of the conflict remain the same. Names have only changed as the opposing forces like tectonic plates have been allowed to regroup and file new grievances.

It is also our belief that Russian President Vladimir Putin is dying of Parkinson’s Disease in Chad on the African continent. His body double now leads Russia who’s deep state is locked in on all out global warfare. We submit this evidence from Thomson at Reuters showing Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko meeting with Putin’s body double. It’s obvious that he knows the difference while also keeping the secret safe from the world.
Body Double © Thomson Reuters.jpg
With Putin in Africa there’s been a growing commitment of Russia to expand its influence there. While the grain deal has fallen through and storage centers in Ukraine have been destroyed raising food prices in Africa; Russia has now promised to give food to African nations that attended a recent summit in Saint Petersburg.

This after the embarrassment caused by the International Criminal Court's warrant for Putin on war crimes because of child trafficking. While the current South African leadership tried to sidestep the warrant, it was the current minority party hoping to gain power through elections that exposed the bending of rules.

While it might be true that Russia isn’t colonial in the global historical sense of the British Empire; Russia is imperial in its dealings on the European continent. It’s difficult to image that in the long term this strong hand won’t find its grip in Africa.

At this time, cheap food is the free drug that could get African leaders addicted to the same sort of influence from Russia they claim to despise from traditional colonial powers. In the end, it seems to be the same weakness and corruption of African nations disguised in the relationship with the new influencer. Too bad the truth can only be learned the hard way.

Wagner mercenaries play a role in securing coups in these lesser-known regions of the world. Yet if we go back to Belarus, Wagner might bite off more than it can chew if it decides to cross the border into Poland. We are constantly reminded of Article 5 and the promise of NATO to protect every inch of their soil. Unfortunately, for some reason we don’t seem to understand in the West, Russia is ready to test this promise especially if political winds don’t shift in the West with pro-Kremlin politicians gaining power to tame support for Ukraine.

Right now, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu is in North Korea trying to get more weapons and to cement support for all out war. China is also being pulled in as tensions increase with the West over Taiwan. China wants to do whatever it wants without constraints placed upon it by the West, or more acutely the United States.

However, Taiwan isn’t alone in its feelings toward China as an aggressive bullying neighbor. India also sees this in the sleeping dragon while being the largest Democracy able to defend itself. Yet smaller countries wanting to defend their interests for example Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, and Japan seem more inclined to form their own NATO, or even going so far as officially joining NATO, if it were made possible to limit Beijing’s influence on their interests.

America and NATO still offer something that Russia and China are unable to do. At the core of their charters, they promise individual freedom through defense of internationally recognized borders governed by the United Nations that they created. While China and Russia constantly complain, they are also given seats of power with their voices playing prominent roles in international affairs.

It is bend don’t break, America and former colonial powers have a history and dialogue with many countries that they now hope to maintain relationships with through mutual understandings; China and Russia always compete through the guise of undermining these historical ties by offering something new. Yet the West seems to maintain that they’re only offering the same process to achieve mutual understanding.

While the United States has become the global power that can be mocked, humiliated, cheated, ignored, stabbed in the back, and at the same time a best friend to many smaller poorer nations; it has allowed itself to sink into unhealthy debt that wreaks of corruption and lies. It is this aspect alone that gives power to nations like China and Russia that maintain strong financial accounts while learning to undermine Western sanctions. Once again, this unfortunately means we are on our way to all out global war this decade.

Thank you,
Cyrus Emerson
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Pandemic Manifesto
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