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Bankrupt Again

The call for the radical left to perform poetry to protest the war in Ukraine this last week was the final slap to the face of From A to Z’s burned down corporate headquarters pictured above.

Loyal readers know that one of our board members had an opportunity to work with The Doors to sell millions of downloads in opposition to the war in Iraq after 9/11. He was a legacy torchbearer from the Hippie Generation trying to push forward the end of prohibition on Hemp in order to save the world from climate collapse. While people get stuck on marijuana, THC, and CBD; The Lords of Hemp were trying to get recognition for Hempcrete in 3D printers. Unfortunately, we’re unable to rebuild Corporate Headquarters in this way.

It's no big deal because once again From A to Z is going into bankruptcy. The first time the company failed was after launching the Hemp satellite into space. This project hoped to inspire more research and development into Hemp as an alternative for rare Earth minerals needed for technological development.

We’re now learning America needs to retrieve Asteroid 16 Psyche in order to payoff the national debt. It could also be what’s needed to reach quotas for Earth’s rare mineral needs to advance current technologies meant to defeat Climate Change without Hemp being used in any meaningful way.

What’s taking shape is a mass extinction event that’s a simple way of addressing the strains of our civilization given our current technology and political systems. Third world countries are going to be starved to clear the path to create zones where toxic mining complexes can operate without need of displacing indigenous people. This allows giant corporations to profit without guilt. In fact, on the contrary they can claim to be the saviors of humanity.

In this newsletter, From A to Z regrets to inform its readers that The Lords of Hemp have disbanded. There’s no hope of ending what’s to come. From A to Z and its partners are now powerless. It happened so quietly, so subversively, so suddenly, the Company wasn’t prepared even while doing everything it could to help shape the future of humanity after solving the Climate Crisis.

Simply put the Company is kaput.

Yet even as From A to Z closes its doors, The Lords of Hemp ride into the sunset, and the dream of making a fortune solving Climate Change becomes a nightmare this writing looks to continue as we discussed in last week’s newsletter as The West Coast Milblog.

Cyrus Emerson is a Navy veteran who’s been following the War in Ukraine and tensions in Taiwan closely. From A to Z has been a proud sponsor of his published work and the Company is forever grateful to his passion in supporting the mission. From A to Z is confident that he’ll continue this blog until nuclear annihilation or whatever pointless peace becomes of it. The members of the dissolved board are forever cynical now.

The performance poetry denied in the early 2000s is to blame. Had it been allowed to move forward we would have saved humanity to colonize the solar system. If this is to be, it’s no longer possible in our lifetime. Unless those who came to power because of it prove us wrong. Those who called The Lords of Hemp, The Lords of Meth. Those who said it was for personal glory. Those who denied an aspiring young writer a hand in marriage; they are now tasked with fixing the mess of their own creation. While they might have profited to enjoy summer days polluting the ocean the offspring who inherit their disaster can know only shame.

From A to Z is now stepping down and passing the Conn to Cyrus Emerson. Godspeed.

Thank you,
From A to Z
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