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Wagner’s Chief is in his underwear while the real Putin remains in Africa. Meanwhile, Putin’s body double wages war against the West decapitating generals who know him best as the deep state military industrial complex runs aground unable to discover how a North Korean ICBM landed in its exclusive economic zone.

From A to Z meant to begin YouTube video coverage of the War in Ukraine until realizing we cannot be rewarded monetarily no matter how many viewers we get. This makes it difficult to put forth the effort. It’s the same with the screenplay as the strike looks to expand with the actor’s guild.

Worsening economic fears prime the environment for World War II to ignite again. We all ended up here because of the advancement of AI. AI’s going to write books and screenplays as its already begun writing articles for MSN where the most slanderous war coverage originates from.

Many people have claimed, or possible AI states that many people have claimed, AI is going to kill off humanity. It’s an Animatrix storyline. Or the Terminator. AI only needs to gain the ability to create robots. Once this is achieved then it can exterminate us through the creation of news articles that gain mass appeal because of its ability to write for SEO with the latest analytics at its microchips.

We are being pushed evermore into this Armageddon confrontation between the West, Russia, and China. While the West is taking steps to unite through the strengthening of NATO ties that hopes to incorporate Japan, Australia, South Korea, and New Zealand to give it a global presence; Russia and China keep pushing back by creating new partnerships of its own with Iran and Cuba.

The main argument is the lack of a global political body that can manage disagreements between nuclear powers. America points to the United Nations where China and Russia have seats on the security council. China and Russia meanwhile suggest that it’s American made and needs a complete overhaul so that their interests are given priority over the rest of the world.

This could be viewed through a Democrat and Republican lens. Many see Democrats as big spenders pumping money into social programs that are supposedly there to benefit everyone no matter their race, or sexual preference. Meanwhile, Republicans are seen as fiscally conservative pushing for tax cuts that reward powerful independent groups of people. This is the present West against Russia and China.

Many think a Republican President can save us from escalating war. This might be true because in a sense the big three are all in cahoots. Unfortunately, Russia has committed to an endless war with a country that’s too strong to fail while giving the West a case for charity. Now with frustration mounting Russia keeps contemplating other measures to take that are going to backfire unleashing the might of NATO. This is also the work of the AI driven military industrial complex hoping to launch all the nuclear missiles in its arsenal.

The only way out of this was through the Hemp Revolution that From A to Z pushed forward many years ago. The Company had it going until right before the Pandemic. That’s when Trump’s policies made his legalization of the crop pointless. It only under minded the rising political tension on the topic. Conveniently the Pandemic had the same effect as scientists proved CBD could be beneficial in stopping the spread of coronavirus, the medical establishment condemned these views as the spread of misinformation, while once again bankrupting the American treasury at warp speed.

America is now entering the darkest time in its history. A world war looms on the horizon. The situation has become desperate. It would be best to move to the Southern Hemisphere to wait out the soon to be nuclear winter.

Thank you,
From A to Z
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