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Rough Week

This has been a tough week for From A to Z. A client the Company hoped to do business with responded fast with a no work order. Now Toyota has suddenly decided to go electric with Elon Musk attempting to partner with the auto manufacturer on a universal charger adapter.

While these developments ensure the screenplay can remain original, the movie seems to be dead on arrival as a tough sale to movie executives who might see electric vehicles as the way of the future. It’s difficult to work in Hollywood with the ongoing writers’ strike anyways. It’s going to be even more difficult with AI writing screenplays in the future to justify a high budget that the current story demands with location shoots across the globe.

What seems more likely would be the adaptation of Red Roses for an animation screenplay. It’s something to consider anyway as this could be produced for a fraction of the cost.

In Ukraine it’s wait and see. The likelihood for nuclear war seems to be increasing as the Russians are driven back to their border. There’s something in Putin that the West doesn’t see. Some sort of deep-down anger toward people living in democratic states. It’s the classic case of thinking someone’s your friend and they’re just having a bad day when little do you know they have a gun. All it takes is one wrong word or a look in the eye to make them snap. It seems like Putin is being pushed into that corner.

It remains to be seen if the West can contain such an escalation if it were to unfold. There seems to be a can do attitude in the military industrial complex so long as China remains on the sidelines. Yet we also seem to be witnessing nuclear proliferation with Belarus and North Korea being supplied with warheads from the Kremlin. Iran could also see nukes in their arsenal. While the question remains, why the hostility?

We may never get an answer before being plunged into the nightmare we’ve all said we dread. Even so it seems as if China could keep its hands clean in such an event. It seems more likely it’s the bad actors that the West has identified as countries that hope to rule through fear. While China hopes to rule through obedience to the ruling party’s authority.

America holds on to being the land of the free by the skin of its teeth. While the nation has no problem paying for freedom in blood as could be the case in all out nuclear war with the Soviet block; America is unprepared to pay for freedom with a balanced checkbook. Once again, that’s where China hopes to make its power felt.

It could come to be that the bills get paid after winning a war against Russian imperialism. This seems to be the preferred course of events as most of the money being spent has been to achieve military dominance. Yet this course could run aground against a well-prepared China. From all indications that’s where they’ve positioned themselves, as the last Boss in a Kung Fu movie.

After the disaster of the Hemp Revolution that might have helped America to be great again, we are left to hope NASA can capture Psyche 16. The power of the people being dissolved into the hands of a few. That’s the lesson of the Hemp Revolution where all might have benefited from a cash crop that could be grown everywhere for everything to help solve climate change, we are once again rendered helpless. It takes money for an expert who remains aloof.

The Chinese know this and cling to their independence from the West. They gain strength from the Russians who take the bullet in the chest. We’re all waiting for World War II to heat up again.

To keep it in perspective it remains another week of empty threats. Some-how we keep writing this script without a conclusion. It all remains an unopened Christmas present with Christmas Eve on repeat. Someday we’ll awake to reap what we’ve sowed.

Thank you,
From A to Z
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