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Wait and See on Trump

From A to Z along with our partners believe now’s the time to wait and see as it pertains to the Trump indictment and its possible effects on the political situation. While the Company understands there’s a chance for violent riots, it also becomes clear Trump has a duty to the country - and the world - to set a precedent for how a global leader gets treated by the justice system when these challenges arise.

Remember, the International Criminal Court has also issued an arrest warrant for Putin. His supporters have the same response - of burning the halls of justice to the ground - in the event of an arrest while visiting a country overseas.

In this newsletter and in publications, the Company has supported a viewpoint that Trump could have been a Russian spy, Republicans are Russians, and that proof of these statements reside in the treatment of the Hemp plant. Because the Company at one time also said, “Trump could be the greatest President of all-time.”

That’s right after he’d signed Hemp legalization into law in December of 2018. Remember the day well watching the signature live on television. Although nothing about Hemp was mentioned we all knew that’s what was taking place. It was the ascension of the Republican party to a morale victory against the Dems who could have legalized Hemp in the past yet never considered it while appearing to be the common sense supporters of such measures.

What followed can be found in detail in From A to Z’s latest Amazon collaboration with the “Pandemic Manifesto” see the link below. Not good from a medical standpoint. Also, bizarre in the lens of history that already has so many new avenues to map as diversity takes shape. One is left to speculate what really takes place in golf resort mansions of the ultra-rich and politically powerful. What’s the vision for the country they truly have in their hearts as the sun shines down on them.

To this day Hemp remains an unused political tool of the Republican party as it has the potential to enrichen their base in the fields of southeastern farms. Because that’s who convinced them to make it legal and that’s who has suffered the most with Republican policy for Hemp cultivation forcing the cash crop back underground.

People often wonder about working class support for Republican business and tax policies that often leave them left out of direct benefits. Instead, to rely on the charity of corporations given teeth to ruthlessly develop the Earth. It’s the same for the Hemp crop as most rural communities remain conservative in nature.

At the same time Democrats have continued to develop a new big tent social structure that tries to give equal representation to civic voices found in metropolitan areas. That’s fine yet there seems to be the obvious absence of Hemp support. One might point to marijuana in urban culture as its incarnation. Once again it just seems to lack strong political support at the core of the Democratic party with failed Bills on national legalization or meaningful agendas to incorporate the Hemp crop in textile production as a resource that’s sustainable and environmentally friendly.

From A to Z once again states that the Hemp crop is the salvation of the Republican party, if science on climate change is real. Yet we could see the short-term effects of Trump’s ill-fated leadership post legalization. Right now his legal team wants to paint him as someone who has been victimized by a political party that has demonized him, much in the same way Putin sees global public opinion with the International Criminal Court's warrant.

While the Company offers no opinions of its own - or predictions - in relation to these high-level court proceedings; From A to Z would like to make one last point:

“Nothing on God’s green Earth has been more victimized than the Hemp plant.”

Thank you,
From A to Z
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Pandemic Manifesto

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