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Now Where We’re At

It’s been a rough week onboard the International Space Station. Russia now backing out from the bond that kept us together in a bold move that could extend the frontline of warfare if World War 2 is allowed to escalate.

It’s true to that China has promised to strike if the Speaker of the House visits Taiwan. Biden heard it from his counterpart Xi in a conference call that showcases the distance between the two.

Xi prefers the personal interaction with Putin as the two take shots of vodka in a closed down fish market downtown Beijing with only the best items from the menu present.

For those along for this entire ride, if we rewind to the Pandemic Manifesto that premiered on this blog, you’ll see that as the focus changed to three countries with China, Russia, and the U.S.; we understand how we all got here. This being the brink of all-out World War 2. A new Axis of China and Russia. New Allies Japan and Germany added to a global coalition.

And yet there are financial scandals brewing in China and Russia that could see this entire conflict end rapidly and peacefully. China has a mortgage crisis much like the U.S. in 2008. That’s when Matt Taibbi called out the Bush Administration for a possible second windfall of taxpayer money in a move that wiped trillions of the books.

In China it’s said to be 100-times worse with every member of the Communist Party trying to get rich from scamming average Chinese families paying for a place to live. It’s looking as if an invasion of Taiwan could be the only way for the government to save face and shift away blame, before a complete meltdown of the economy.

It’s the same thing in Russia with the impact of sanctions taking a real bite out of profits. It’s said that the government is now using cash surplus to fill in the holes. How long can the coffers last with the army bogged down in Ukraine is something we’ll have to watch as the wheat grows.

Both China and Russia can save their current administrations through an all-out war with the West. Unlike Germany and Japan, they share a border that truly allows for these countries to have each-others backs. The new leaders of the Axis powers can now concentrate their forces to fight on two fronts while working with each other to supply in the rear.

The Allies have the advantage now of focusing the battles on two small countries that can act as Davids versus Goliaths in order to galvanize global popular support that would need to become powerful enough to overthrow the current leadership of the Axis powers.

Then there’s the Hemp Graphene Hydrogen Fuel Cell engine under development with the guidance of From A to Z. Once again, the CEO has been able to develop more contacts in the pursuit of advancing this novel idea that could change the landscape of the battlefield.

Through the advancement of Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology, the Company and its partners are developing an affordable alternative to the current fossil fuel system of domestic travel. With the replacement of all domestic vehicles on the roadways in rich and poor countries with the most abundant fuel source in the universe, Hydrogen; heated carbon dioxide exhaust can be replaced with cool water vapor helping to restore humidity to the atmosphere to revitalize farm production.

Its advantages to electric vehicles are clear. Faster more convenient refueling in a manner we’ve already grown accustomed to with Hydrogen fuel pumps paving the way for cross country road trips in a family friendly RV. Not to mention the opportunity to restore the biosphere with life giving H2O.

According to a recent study, it’s already been suggested that water vapor exhaust could have a cooling effect on the West Coast and help dampen fire season.

Once more all major auto companies are already researching and developing Hydrogen Fuel Cell engines under a program started by President Bush in 2003. The only thing standing in the way is the expense of Carbon Fiber Graphene. From A to Z and its partners are now testing the ability of Hemp Graphene to become a higher quality and more affordable option.

Unfortunately, much like the Hemp satellite already in orbit it could take a decade or more to gain government approval. From A to Z promises that no matter how long this process takes we are going to pitch it to automobile manufactures upon approval in hopes of saving the world from climate collapse and the nuclear option of World War 2.

Thank you,
From A to Z
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