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Winning on the Battlefield

President Putin lashed out at the West saying we want to win on the battlefield. At times this war seems to be about refining weaponry. Ukraine a testing ground for cutting edge munitions along with the sacrifice of life on both sides.

The West maintains the edge of durability items for consumers on all levels; whereas Russia and China lag behind because of reliability concerns in a state-run business that can avoid accountability.

Look at From A to Z’s history, where the last owner launched a Hemp satellite that remains in space circling the globe undergoing testing that put the company into bankruptcy.

Granted that would never happen with the state backing a similar company in Russia or China. Only it was nearly impossible to get the inventive project tested in the West, while it could only be more difficult in the East.

The East must be selling itself as a liberator that can make all the jaded countries feel better. While the West intends to reward like minded governments with cooperation on nearly every issue imaginable.

Somewhere in the middle is Hemp. Yet unlike a dividing line it's more like a sanctuary that keeps the fight at bay. Even in the event of nuclear war Hemp plants can thrive in a toxic environment to clean the soil of radiation once again presenting itself as the solution to all of man’s problems.

It might even be said, that whatever side wins the duel of bipolar intellect on the planet’s surface would then need to fully embrace the Hemp plant for the textile industry in order to cement the gains of global dominance.

There is one way out of going down the Hemp road that seems to exist more on the Eastern line of thought that the West has already prescribed with salutations to the history of World War 2 and that’s through the elimination of large swaths of Earth’s population.

Right now this could be developing as food crops from the region of Ukraine and Russia account for 8% of the global intake along with other weather related issues around the world, and there could be a mass extinction event in the works.

If most of the world’s poorer nations are adversely affected can the East and West standby and watch them starve with the threat of nuclear war determined to keep armies immobile. Could we all just say “we’ll never let this happen again” when people not invested in the machine of commerce pass away. Carbon emissions dropping to tolerable levels without the crowds of mopeds in busy intersections of the developing world.

While the East can be held accountable for the creation of this mess with the invasion of Ukraine, and now the hollow attempts at peace if only Ukraine would clear its beaches of mines, the West seems helpless to respond.

Where the West went wrong is with the lack of development in Hydrogen Fuel Cell engines. It was Bush’s hallmark move to the environmental cause as a galvanizing alternative uniting all Americans in energy independence while allowing for economic development familiar to oil executives.

Only that miracle remains unavailable with the cost of Carbon Fiber Graphene and no one willing to accept Hemp graphene as an affordable alternative to a plant-based energy system that combines Hydrogen and Oxygen into water vapor exhaust.

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