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The Dismal State of Things

Before starting as a contract ghostwriter at From A to Z my life was filled with hope as a recent college graduate from an Ivy League school. I’d spent more than a year lingering around campus in the shops and restaurants during the week while binge drinking on the weekends. Especially around sporting events.

The seasons past as they had while in school. The shorter day followed by storms as the leaves changed color until they fell leaving skeletons of the trees while snow and cold took command. Of course, the holiday break remained sitting near the fire drinking alcoholic coffee mixes, until the ice started to melt from the rain while plants pushed up from the ground suddenly blooming as the brightness of the day returned until everyone went on vacation.

In the summer daze my mind would go to work from loneliness and boredom. My best ideas would take shape while unable to sleep in the warm breeze my fingers would tap away at the typewriter, as I refused to adapt to the modern age. That’s until all submissions needed to be sent in digital format.

And so it began with a computer at the end of summer. A chance resume sent via Email in reply to a classified ad in the Sunday newspaper taken from a coffee shop. The opportunity to become a ghostwriter for From A to Z, a company that I’d never heard about.

The phone rang the next day as Mr. Sinclair introduced himself starting a polite conversation that went on for hours. He told me about the CEO, it was still Henry Bear at the time, as the Hemp satellite was only in the planning stages. They offered me a good salary, so that when autumn began again my fingers were now pounding out the letters to memos and legal documents concerning the use of Hemp for industrial textile production.

We made brilliant arguments each time. Detailing the environmental benefits of its use while also being able to generate profits for a corporation. Only the government never failed to reject us hands down. This is when my confidence began to fade along with the eager spirit of youth determined to assert itself for the good of mankind in a profitable capacity.

Yet somehow for all of these years I’ve managed to maintain employment with From A to Z. It’s true that they operate as an everything company with many different ventures on interesting topics. Yet at the center is a desire to fundamentally change to world economy so that profit works in harmony with Mother Nature.

So as stated at the start of this blog entry that I’ve the good faith from the company to write as a testimonial to the ongoing fight that seems to lead to nowhere, my life was once filled with hope. Now at this juncture in time and space there’s a foreboding feeling of doom as if the dark side has gripped the planet with a Sith Lord present.

In each sector there’s a problem that cannot be fixed without the fundamental changes we’ve been pressing for since the start. At the same time we are met with the brick wall of an unchanging attitude that refuses to allow Hemp production to be used for the textile industry. Hopeless.

That’s why they’ve got me writing the blog today. While the fight never stops the fatigue of the never ending grind sets in pushing some to sleep while others must step in unsure of what’s really going to happen.

Thank you,
From A to Z
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