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What Did He Say?

Want to start with rewinding to last week when former President Bush got caught on film misspeaking about Putin invading Ukraine, while seeming to talk about himself invading Iraq.

No one’s gone into the deep dive on this while at the same time it proves a lot of people right that have been displaced in the narrative of history. As this blog has put forth many times before there’s the possibility of 9/11 being a Black Flag operation. Not only was the war in Iraq unjustified, as Bush said himself last week, the Afghanistan War didn’t have merit either.

Yet somehow the United States spent trillions of dollars in the Middle East and wasted lives, plus the people that must live with injuries on the government dime for the rest of their lives. The product of the operation can be found in a radicalized President Putin and a country bent on destruction.

Yet this could be what the Pentagon and the Industrial Military Complex wanted all along. World War 2 never ended, and since 1945 we’ve been given an impression of Russia from our leaders with strong ties to Europe. Our leaders given seats at all the dinner tables of royalty seduced by power and out of touch with everyday Americans for more than 50-years. The culmination of a region at war since the start of recorded civilization.

Not only has Bush been allowed to admit to his mistake without consequence or debate, he’s taken away what made Trump a force in the Republican party, his outspoken personality ready to call Bush out for planning 9/11. Without this trump card he’s a house of cards now drifting in hot air. With the Republican party restored to its base the United States can safely be called pro-West.

Finland and Sweden are joining NATO extending the border with Russia and forcing the country into an uncomfortable situation, defending 700-miles of forest. Not to mention Siberia could be exposed as the United States enjoys asymmetrical warfare exploiting targets never thought of before.

North Korea and China remain in play though and could act as a defender of the Eastern Eurasia front. Only the West continues to use the strategy of containment ready to give up on Russia-China trade in exchange for a cold war. The West doesn’t want to invade those countries and if they didn’t have nuclear weapons then they would have stopped dealing with them years ago.

Yet Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has helped NATO to revitalize with the promise of a new defensive architecture. Things like NATO Lake allowing for the tracking of Russia submarines are a novelty for people wanting to enhance the game they’ve been playing this entire time. It’s exciting to gain new abilities allowing for fresh strategies that might not ever be used.

Meanwhile Russia keeps creating the most fascinating weapons of mass destruction. Weapons so advanced the world must marvel at their performance in testing trials. Cringe in fear least they be launched at you. Only Russia’s standing army is being ground into hamburger like in America’s Vietnam War. These weapons are to keep the West from invading because Russia really is vulnerable at this time with its military overextended. Yet the West doesn’t want to invade and that’s the only way Russia knows to win a big war.

More worrisome is China. They’re using Biden’s words in propaganda to get the people of China angry about Taiwan. Coupled with lockdowns and oppression on freedoms they could be ripe to rip into Taiwan at a moments notice. This would truly escalate these conflicts to the point of no return and possibly the end of humanity as we know it. The only thing China needs is a secure way to import oil free of ships at sea. It just so happens Russia has a lot of oil to sell while sharing a border. It’s already been advertised as a bond that cannot be broken.

So there you have it, World War 2 could be about to rage again in Europe and the Pacific. Bush’s war in the Middle East might have given us an advantage in the region allowing for encirclement. Our military has yet to lose and we haven’t even started fighting yet. With the help of international partners using integrated weapons systems the West has a good chance of winning against Russia-China.

From A to Z first became interested in Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology because of former President Bush. While in office he allocated funding to research and development of the technology. There have been no further reports on the outcome of that funding. However, the technology exists now even though it’s too expensive to mass produce. The reason according to auto manufactures is the expense of carbon fiber graphene. From A to Z has proposed the adoption of Hemp Graphene as more affordable and a better semi-conductor. For nearly a decade the idea has been ignored.

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