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Putin’s Sacrifice

Today the news remains bleak for Russian President Vladimir Putin, his armies are being destroyed in the Ukraine, his people are organizing a coup, and he’s gravely sick from blood cancer while Covid-19 remains a threat.

The disease also threatening North Korea as a Nation that can sustain itself. They have no vaccine and have never had an outbreak as a more contagious and possibly deadly to them virus now has the opportunity to cripple them to the point of allowing another country to enter with medicine.

Even China, fighting outbreaks of their own, looks at Taiwan as an unattainable crown jewel. Their powerful Navy and overwhelming vehicle arsenal can be destroyed by shoulder holstered missile launchers as we’re watching in Ukraine.

Taiwan also produces most semiconductor chips needed by the leading auto-manufactures in Japan and the United States, as well as China. America set it up that way. As a way to prove loyalty to the region and to mobilize support when needed because to own the future you must own control of semiconductor chips. Oil could then be a thing of the past. That’s where East meets West. America the beneficiary of the lion’s share of spoils from the battles of World War 2, while it continues to be waged on two fronts.

America can win with Chinese war philosophy whereby the battles are won before they’re fought. By gaining respect from the Dragon the Bear can be tamed as the Eagle soars into space exploration. We could be on the verge of regaining world peace for the sake of economic prosperity and the quest for knowledge to expand our species' consciousness as the Age of Aquarius takes root in this region of the Milky Way Galaxy on our way to completing a galactic year, or more than 220-million Earth years.

Seen from this perspective the fruitlessness of war becomes self-evident as it could require many times the current population of the Earth to colonize the solar system. All of the fuel and energy being consumed now could be felt on that trip to Jupiter on a mission to replenish the world’s energy supplies.

We’ve already wasted so much time. We’ve already created so much waste. We could have been growing Hemp this whole-time making biodegradable plastics and affordable Hemp graphene that’s an improvement on current technology.

So, while it looks as if the Mighty Mouse of Ukraine can sustain the deflection of Russian bullets off its chest, and the roar of a roaming male bear can be crushed by the love of a mother Bear for its cubs, the freedom of the West can once again witness the Star-Spangled Banner yet wave above the smoke of the battlefield; only we are no closer to solving climate change.

A sense of panic has set in on the Western side of the United States long ignored by the Federal government as a territory like Siberia. This failure to truly understand the needs of the Native population and indifference to slogans like “You Do Not Own the Land” and “You are All Ash” falling on deaf ears could prove to be the loosening of the pin on the grenade under the seat of power.

Once again, this blog attempts to illustrate a situation here on the planet where the drama of the human condition plays out for us all to see while the solutions to the real problems affecting us all continue to go without solution. From A to Z as a business entity fills this niche. We are going to be successful if humanity continues to exist and tackles bigger problems like climate change and colonizing the solar system.

From A to Z can only fail if humanity enters an apocalyptic dystopian dark age of pollution and sickness in the aftermath of war, those low walls of concrete in the orange glow of a warming fire.

This leads us back to the title of this blog, “Putin’s Sacrifice”. He knows he’s dying and wants to take the bad wrap of his nation with him. All of the darkness from the Soviets, all of the aspirations of neo-fascists can be adorned to his crown of thorns as he drags his cross to the site of his crucifixion. He can leave in his wake a clean Russia of innocent youths ready to join the international community as true patriots that understood the faults of war and fought to allow the love of the white Dove to take flight like an angel in the blue sky across the green fields of a proud country.

Thank you,
From A to Z
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