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Russians are Republicans

Tomorrow, Russia celebrates victory in World War 2, yet as we’ve discussed in this blog that war remains in effect with Japan so once again a bit of propaganda. While the theme of the holiday event in Moscow has been reported to be nuclear war, it goes without saying that they must be happy about the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V. Wade right before the midterm elections in the United States.

Once again that almost rang out like a reply to this blog; evidence of how fickle this war could be. Russians are Republicans, should Trump win reelection there’s no reason to believe that the State Department wouldn’t have to walk back on policy in Ukraine. We could soon start sending weapons to Russia to help with their special operation in the Donbas Region.

The transition to green energy could be what tips the first domino to start the chain reaction that once again ends at fossil fuel consumption. The European Union has already complained that shunning Russian energy has done more harm than good. This can easily be characterized as the radical left forcing unrealistic policies on average taxpayers.

In order to restore an economy that runs on cheap gas the conservative parties across the globe could take power and turn to better relations with Russia, to once again get the black gold flowing. It’s already happened in this country in the past.

Without a true vision of how to replace fossil fuel in our daily lives we remain vulnerable to a relapse back into oil addiction. From A to Z remains steadfast in its commitment to deliver this miracle to the free world at a time when it’s needed most. Despite the probability that the powers that be can find a way to cut our company out of the potential windfall in profits generated by a successful model to clean energy.

First, research and development on Hemp graphene to replace carbon fiber graphene. This has been proposed as a superior product at a more affordable price. If successful then hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can be mass produced.

Second, transition existing gas stations into hydrogen fuel stations. Existing infrastructure can remain in place while phasing out gas for hydrogen. Green hydrogen can also be produced on site with solar panel arrays now being developed.

Third, drive hydrogen fuel cell cars and have engine replacements available for existing gas-powered cars.

These three moves can solve climate change and begin a reversal with water vapor exhaust. We can also conserve on current fossil fuel stockpiles needed to power current war machines. This can help keep Western countries in the fight as the green energy revolution takes place.

Yet as this blog has stated before this most likely cannot happen. We should have made the change in the early 2000s. It’s too late to save the planet from climate change. Just like it’s too late to stop nuclear war with Russia. Unless the Republicans win the midterm election and restore relations with Russia and a return to a dependence on fossil fuel consumption.

While this won’t save us from climate change it can save us from nuclear war. We can then drive through the apocalypse in muscle cars like a “Mad Max” movie. “See you in hell,” as they say.

“Hemp for Victory” remains the motto at From A to Z.

Thank you,
From A to Z
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