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Weapons, Weapons, Weapons

Even as the war continues in the Ukraine with world leaders negotiating peace settlements and innocent civilians in the crossfire, the international community is being asked for “weapons, weapons, weapons”.

America is more than $30-trillion dollars in debt that can most likely never be paid back. Yet we can give away weapon packages to the Ukraine like a video game without getting money for them. They are gifts from the U.S. taxpayers without a Russian media spokesperson on CNN. Where’s the balanced coverage?

The new tactic in Russia is to play possum. They’ve been so completely humiliated in the north as they retreat back into the vassal state of Belarus to attempt to regroup and be sent to the eastern front that they now have created a narrative of an advance onto their nation’s territory in order to raise troop levels through recruitment. Only no invasion plans are being made. Only the destruction of fuel depots along the border to keep Russian tanks empty on gas.

The images of dead bodies, disturbing. Even more as war television now an episode of “Cops” with live action drone footage showing a civilian on a bicycle as they approach a Russian mechanized column only to be shot down in the street. Then through satellite footage and finally on a cellphone camera as Ukraine reclaims the town, the same body independently verified in the street.

Russia claims these are all provocative fabrications to undermine the peace process. Much like President Trump claiming the elections were rigged. They point to Russian soldiers being executed in the street while suffering from injuries as proof of the West’s intent for their destruction. They send amateur soldiers to the front to be slaughtered and claim the West commits genocide against them. They’re jaded lovers committed to tearing away something from the crown jewel Ukraine that they built and vacationed at during the course of generations.

For Ukraine’s part they acknowledge this atrocity vowing to investigate. In the future, if there’s a war tribunal in the Hague this action by Ukrainian soldiers must be addressed to legitimize the process. Otherwise, the lies can seed in another future ruler destined to avenge the slight paid to them in an earlier war.

Yet it’s been brought up that World War II never ended. Japan and Russia have never formally signed a peace treaty. There too, it seems the Russians are pushy claiming two large islands near Japan’s mainland after claiming everything else in the Sea of Okhotsk. With such a large country and limited population this seems to be the definition of Russian. They’re a large bear that keeps stretching out at the borders.

Russia also has a large surplus of cash. And while America would like to always be the hero called in to make a stand against a bully; the fabled red, white, and blue remains compromised from a real financial problem that degrades the average citizen to serfdom once all distractions are removed from the news.

Russia got rich and rude across the border. Their soldiers are poor farmers. America has been poor in reality since the debt got allowed to grow. The soldiers of fortune are attached to that debt and move to secure the nation. Russia’s nuclear arsenal keeps it safe for now, yet if launched could be followed by a Japanese invasion all the way to the Urals.

From A to Z hopes to disrupt all of these battles for fossil fuel consumption by creating a hydrogen fuel cell future with the use of Hemp graphene making the mass production of these cars affordable. The company is also working on localized production of clean hydrogen to fill fueling stations locally without the need of hydrogen being imported. All domestic vehicles can run on clean hydrogen rehydrating the Earth’s atmosphere to save us from climate change in time before the end of time.

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From A to Z
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