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Not Ready for Peace

Even as the war continues in the Ukraine with world leaders negotiating peace settlements and innocent civilians in the crossfire, it doesn’t seem like we’re ready for peace yet.

As mentioned in this blog before, the real war is the war on energy consumption that’s only now taking root as the right way to move forward with advanced technology. If a spaceship lands on a distant planet, then everything the people need to survive the ship provides while the planet remains in a state of ecological purity; given that the requirements to sustain life with a life-giving biosphere were already met.

This wisdom formed on a home planet pulled away from the brink of extinction by environmental toxins through energy consumption, then allowed to colonize their solar system. It might seem exciting to be in this position of human evolution. Only once again the price is blood sacrifice on the battlefield.

Recent Executive Orders in the United States are using war driven policies already in use with the pandemic to finally seize the moment of energy transition from fossil fuel to electric hydrogen. The old form of energy using the remains of dead dinosaurs with the capability of leading us to our extinction. The new energy using the spark of life with the most abundant molecule in the universe.

From A to Z along with its partners in the Hemp industry have long lobbied scientists in the hydrogen fuel cell energy to adopt Hemp graphene in place of carbon fiber graphene to make the mass production of these vehicles affordable, and profitable. Now with this most recent crisis that difficult work finds fruition.

We are on the cusp of a miracle. Our prayers have been answered as a solution to oil addiction can soon be discovered to move humanity into the next generation. The irony being that it’s already been discovered while remaining undeveloped because this nation has itself profited from the oil industry. That’s the other part of the order. Increase oil production can be done without drilling even in the heart of Texas.

It’s another bronze age ending, or slave trade ending, now a fossil fuel ending and landing on a new resource as easy to use for a lower cost. It’s what From A to Z has always stood for and always will. Our investment and media strategy looking bullish now as long as there’s a war.

The entire board now pulling in millions of American dollars for use in reinvestment as developments unfold. However, at any time peace could return with the pandemic waning. The war could end and normal recreation. This juggernaut a house of cards with oil a steady $70 a barrel and global stability keeping supply chains open until the end.

You can have those thoughts now after these last few years. Without the pandemic do we go into extinction because of climate change? With the pandemic the stress created the war that pulled us away from oil addiction so that we could defeat climate change?

It could be a presumptuous forward-looking statement for whom the bell tolls if not for we with the possibilities of mass destruction still on the horizon. We must push forward to own the future. At From A to Z, the board of directors overwhelming feel we’ve made the right decisions to help lead that course for the new world order, based on a new clean abundant cheap energy source for consumer vehicles.

Thank you,
From A to Z
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