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Another Day Another War

Even as missiles rained down near the Polish border hours before Biden’s planned speech at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the interest in the war had waned back home.

Everyday Americans want to return to normal after the global pandemic shut down their way of life. All that driving on cheap gas to destinations unknown to see friends and family who’d left a small hometown for another nowheresville with a better sounding name. Dispersed across the cleared lands of this great country in order to populate it with citizen’s akin to the federal system.

Now with that mission accomplished aided with communication technology we’re supposed to stay put, to allow for the melting pot to cool into a new world order. We’ve only just gotten there with limits imposed on travel in the uncertainty of the 2020s.

“Putin cannot stay in power,” declared President Biden in an ad lib typo that’s the sort of gaffe that’s defined his political career. It allows for both statements to be true. He meant it and he didn’t mean to say it.

The tussle for the Russian people as the Kremlin supports their decision on regime change while people have also questioned the legitimacy of the ballot box, and a popular civic leader now in prison.

The woman in the briefcase dismissed even by Western media. While the story of the WNBA player also no longer finds its way to ESPN; as the West refuses to make a stand on illegal marijuana charges.

We are left with CNN and uneventful news cycles to learn more about the situation on the ground in Ukraine. The ground now divided with trenches of gunfire where unlike the World War’s the Russians are allowed to fallback and consolidate power to retain the territory annexed. It would take an offensive of the same scale to win them back. Or the Russian government falls, and in order to restore relations a peace treaty can be drafted to turn back the hands of time on the border line.

Putin cannot live forever. He’s almost 70, so about 30 more years in power could be achieved with the current status quo. If the attacks stop, then Ukraine could once again suffer the black eye as they did in 2014 for the good of the world. A small sacrifice to maintain global stability.

Yet as this blog has shown for years with the company From A to Z fighting to change the course of humanity, the real war is energy consumption. Oil addiction again creates a flashpoint where control of buying and selling becomes the key to world dominance. Also, with the lack of development in alternative fuels we are powerless to substitute the need for this dirty habit.

Even so From A to Z remains invested in companies that could announce a solution overnight, while it seems more likely that an increase in U.S. oil exports could shore up the lack of supply in Europe.

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