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The World’s Police Part 2

While Hemp for Victory remains a slogan not taking root in American soil, a professional female basketball player faces 10-years imprisonment for being caught with cannabis oil at the airport in Moscow. It’s rumored the leader of the country murdered a young model stuffing her body in a briefcase discovered last week with the boyfriend giving a false confession.

True or false he held a rally at a professional soccer stadium with his supporters on national television.

In America the President of Ukraine addressed congress asking for a no-fly zone. Or fighter jets. The Federal government holding the line with NATO as a stalemate in combat increases civilian damage to infrastructure and life. It’s all being documented for war crimes. It’s all being studied by the military. It’s being bought and sold on the stock market.

We’ve seen this played out in the second world war. The German military needed fuel for their armored divisions. Stalingrad took place 500 miles to the east of eastern Ukraine. In that regard the Russians could see Ukrainians as Nazis. The need to push them back to Berlin again on the right side of history. Obviously, there’s some sort of feeling for opportunity there otherwise we wouldn’t be watching the war on television.

Yet this hurts too much. It’s been described as a war between American and Canada. Brotherly countries turned murderous enemies for little strategic gain with nuclear missiles within range half a world away. Not to mention the end of the pandemic. People can now remove masks after the Winter Olympics in Beijing; then got carjacked after being pistol whipped.

It’s too much too soon. Only the lyrics to songs can save us from not going back to normal again. Separate spheres of influence on the Earth’s surface. Different laws: is it attraction or gravity. If we are to travel faster than the speed-of-light we must create a warp bubble. While at the same time we’ve just discovered we are inside two bubbles of space. The first created by our sun. The second from supernovae clearing the way of dense particles and gas.

It might be that we too are in a state of evolution. The planet could survive our apocalypse, then give life to a new species more intelligent while remaining thoughtful of the natural environment around them. All signs point to Earth as the best spaceship for now as we navigate our nearby surroundings in relation to the Milky Way Galaxy. We need to document galactic years looking for seasonal changes along the spiral arms.

This can only be done with global stability centered on a unified federal system. If autocratic then Russia and China must destroy democracy to control a bipolar world. If Democratic then Russia must fall, and China side with the winner in a move for peace and economic prosperity. That’s the way it looks on the books.

From A to Z’s global strategy for investment management hopes to create millionaires across the board. In these dynamic times we want to assure our customers of our commitment to pay attention to news worthy events.

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