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Taking a break from West Coast Milblogger this week to introduce an exciting project.

Proudly presenting a new international audio drama in partnership with an emerging audio production company that also hosts a streaming site with their latest work.

I’m in the middle of writing an eight-episode suspense thriller for them, where the victim has been buried alive and a cold case detective races against time in an effort to find her while solving his greatest case.

Below you’ll find the assessment writing sample helping me land this gig. Feel free to read for free (lol).


(sfx of war, people panicking, explosions, fade in under opening narration.)

The world had died years ago. War, disease, and environmental collapse had taken its toll. Yet once the dead began to live again as zombies, walking the Earth to consume those brave enough to survive in the barren landscape, all hope for humanity ended.
(sfx of zombies moaning.)

In the bleak reality surrounding her Aadhya struggled to remember her namesake. In order to stay devoted she had made the pilgrimage to Vijayawada to bathe in the Krishna River. Afterward she killed all the zombies in Kanaka Durga Temple making it her new home.
(sfx Aadhya slaying zombies.)

Aadhya then fell asleep.
(sfx pounding on the temple door.)

(Yawning as she awakes.)
Who's pounding on the temple door? Could it be that Durga has returned to kill the demons now roaming the Earth. I must learn who else has found their way to Kanaka Durga Temple.

(sfx more pounding at the temple door and the soft steps of bare feet on the floor.)

Look at the gold of the relics in the moonlight. It must be passed midnight. I've slept soundly after clearing zombies from this holy ground. Durga's return is my reward.

(sfx more pounding at the temple door.)

Who's there? Who comes to this sacred place in such a time of need?

It is I, Yamajit. For many years, I served as a groundskeeper here at the temple. In the past, this temple would have been filled with devotees performing Giripradakshina. Now, only I have performed this ritual in the streets of Vijayawada.

The door was open allowing me to enter the temple. The dead were walking through its halls. If you were the groundskeeper here, where is your key? Why not lock the temple door?

When the dead first returned to life I hid in the temple. They were inside there with me because I couldn't kill them. I run from the hordes of undead and lost the key a while ago.

Can you please let me in? The dead live and they hear us speaking now. I'm afraid they're walking this way.

(sfx of locks being undone. Then the slow creaking of a large door being pulled open.)

Come in quickly Yamajit. I can see the zombies in the pale light glowing against the dark blue of night.

In the morning, Yamajit proved his worth helping Aadhya to drag the bodies of the dead she'd killed. They moved them to a place where they wouldn't have to see them, or smell them.

(sfx of body being dragged.)

After this chore had been completed, the two went to the abandoned cafeteria where tourists used to buy expensive snacks.

I'm glad you decided to come back to the temple Yamajit. It's been a while since I've seen another living person. What's strange is that you seem familiar. Have I met you before?

Yes Aadhya, I was wondering if you would remember. Once before the world turned we sat together on an airplane. We flew from Moscow to Mumbai. During the trip it was revealed, I was an intern for your company recently graduated from university.

Wow Yamajit. You are full of surprises. So you know what I did before all of this? Maybe you could refresh my memory. It seems forever, I've been fighting the dead outside these walls.

Dear Aadhya, you were the CEO of India Rocket Systems. Your company was working with the Russians on new weapons of mass destruction.

I went to school to be a rocket scientist. My Father knew powerful people in Russia's space agency, Roscosmos.

Now I remember. You went by another name though, right?

Yes, I was known as Tarkesh, Prince of the Stars. My parents wanted me to help mankind build bases on the Moon. They soured on my career choice when I told them about our conversation on the airplane that day.

Then you know, there were people who blamed me for the apocalypse. That was when we still had the media. Before it got really bad.

Yes. I know. I heard it all on the radio with a keen interest.

(Starting to tear up)
What about you Yamajit? You are so pious. Leaving the possibility of a high paying job to serve the goddess Durga in her temple here.

Now what do you say? Am I responsible for this mess all around us? As CEO of India Rocket Systems, did I give the order for the virus to be unleashed ending death and in its place giving rise to flesh eating zombies?

Dear Aadhya. While I'm a little younger than you; you are not too old to have children. I've always secretly loved you. It was difficult to leave your company after our conversation. Only it made my parents happy.

When you opened the door to the temple it was as if Durga had returned to cleanse the world of evil. I am at your service.

When the audio is posted, I’ll reveal the project available from this international production company.

Thank you,

Cyrus Emerson

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