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Articles curated by @project.hope : my top 3 weekly selection (03/02/2021)

I like the community and as a participant in projects I have given myself the task of weekly starting a selection of the articles that seem most interesting to me and here I bring them to you and present them now.

This is all thanks to the work of @crypto.piotr who has built this beautiful and growing community called @project.hope

We are a group of people who love technology, artificial intelligence, psychology, marketing, finance and areas for which we are passionate that we come together to share and express our ideas through this community.

This time we will talk about Business, financial challenges and languages, I hope you enjoy these complete contents.

So Lets see, here is my top 3 :

1 - Family, business or Family/business, what is your company like?

@unblasedwriter It does suggest analyzing whether or not we should do business with our family, and the pros and cons that this brings without a doubt a topic that you should not stop reading.

"...As I mentioned in my previous post, I am currently reading a book named No Rules Rules, a book by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer, about the leadership principles of Netflix, the most popular and innovative streaming services in the world.
Last time, I mentioned how Reed Hastings and the company learned a lot from their Qwikster mistake, and how important it is in a company to be able to discuss and disagree, even if the boos is the one you believe to make the mistake.
But, today I just want to mention another thing I found interesting in the book. It deals with how to run a business, a company, or whatever thing you might be leading. Because, it sounds brilliant to run a company in a "family" kind of way, but is that always the most efficient model in business?..."


2 - Tips for surviving through financial challenges - Part 1

@samminator teach us about entrepreneurs and how to keep our businesses stable. A publication that everyone should read to obtain financial education.

"...At some points, many people have gone through intense financial stress and strain and most times, they were able to scale through, not because the challenge went out on their own but because they did something to ease up on the challenges. Here, we will look at very important tips to get handy with in order to ease up on financial tensions when it comes..."


3 - My experience learning another language

@franyeligonzalez she talks to us about his new project of learning a language, his achievements and how interesting and new this was for him. Certainly quite an interesting topic

"...The truth is that it has always been a language desired by many but not everyone has the time, money, or commitment to learn it, in my case for many years I have made several attempts but for one reason or another I could never complete such courses.
English is the most important language in the world and I think it should be a necessity for everyone..."


Wish you enjoy this reviews, i made it to collaborate with @project.hope

¡See you on my next post!

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