True Life Story: Health Is Wealth. (My Way Around Tatto).__ My Entry For Creative Writing Contest.

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A few years ago, I was still young then. I didn't know that what I was doing then is not good - this is what my teachers are saying then. Foreign movies trigger me to did that then, just the same way lady see a huge guy with nice muscles, strong, maybe a light or dark skin but handsome is very important. If such a man has a tattoo, I always fall in love with them. People like this are not plenty in this world.

Most people can't bear the suffering of going to the gym or lifting envy weights just to be in good shapes. It surprises me seeing a man with pot belle on the street, how do they sleep at night? lol... Anyway, we all cannot be the same.

When I was still in around class 5 I guess, been a tattoo lover and always been dreaming to put my body in good shape, I used Cashew seed to drawn on my arms then. This really made me popular in my school then as my class teacher saw it and took me out on the assembly. I thought I will be beaten that day but I was a popular student even before the event, every teacher knew me and they start calling on me just see the tattoo and also to ask me why I drew it then.

Before I know it, Someone from my school told my dad at home. He is more like a soldier, he didn't ask me anything when he saw me, what I noticed is that he came to my school the second day. He headed straight to the head teacher office, the man too was almost like him. They both come together and arrange a beaten for that day. In Nigeria, we always have that one teacher who is always good when it comes to beating student in our school. The one we have in my school that time is the one called to beat me, and to burst your bubbles, this man beat the hell out of me. lol... In fact, I can still remember I cry like a baby. Then I went home to take extra, remember I said my dad is more like an old soldier, too though and nice when it comes to being nice. He trained us very well, but he doesn't like his children to be doing some act which leads to my own beaten that day.

I would have snapped the tattoos and posted with this post. If you've been following me, you will remember I said I drawn it with cashew seed. It doesn't last 2 months before everything cleared up. I never give up on having another one but this time it won't be with seed, but original. I love it small and unique. The logo or design must have a purpose that it will remind me of. Then I can remember what I drew was "ALAFIA", which means "GOOD HEALTH". The reason why I drew this then is that good health is my priority in life, I believe with good health, anything can be achieved. So the tattoo is like a short note which I always look at to remember "GOOD HEALTH IS IMPORTANT IN EVERYTHING I DO IN LIFE".

This story of mine is written for the "Cretive Writing Contest" Sponsor by Lifecion. If you will like to know more about Lifecoin, please join us on discord here. THanks for your time.

About the Author:
PrinceOla is the best name that suits me but calling me any other fancy names wouldn't kill me though. Aspirant criminologist but free minded by nature, cannactivist by writing. I don't know what connection I have with Pluto but I keep telling people that's where I stay, maybe because of the anonymity world we live in today. I am in still searching for my talent, who knows maybe you can help me find one. Thanks for stopping by!.
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