One minute a day, progress with you-What are the major shortcomings of Internet companies?

in #progress2 years ago
  1. Recently, I heard a friend say that the difference between Internet companies and entities is not the difference between online and offline. Entity companies now use online Internet tools very well.

  2. The real difference is that entity companies do not cater to user preferences like Internet companies.

All entities, although they may say "customers are God," but they are very clear in their hearts, users do not really know what they need. Therefore, they will meet the needs of users to meet users.

  1. Moreover, each company represents a certain concept, which cannot be changed at will with the needs of users.

Let me give you a simple example. A good restaurant is actually far more than a user who knows what a real food is, and never asks what the user wants to eat.

  1. But Internet companies can't. Internet companies are built on the immediate feedback on user needs. This feature has made some Internet companies, but it also makes the Internet companies that are addicted to it, and ultimately can't go too far.