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I'm currently busy going through a tutorial on MongoDB and Node.js on a serverless framework. Hahah I sound like I know so much, don't I? The myriad of articles within the website triggered me to play with one of its tutorials, although I don't I have the patience to actually finish the tutorial.

If you've read my posts so far, I probably sound like I have my English language under control. Most of the time I'd like to think so. I'm not trying to give excuses about how bad my grammar is, just because it's my second language. I think and dream in English most of the time myself. The real problem is in catching up with all the new terms that technology comes up with.

Like "serverless", for instance. In tech terms it merely means that you can build your app without too much consideration on the backend infrastructure, kind of like not worrying whether your app will run in an Android or iPhone system. It doesn't mean that your app can run without a server, because conventionally server-less means without server, isn't it?

Then there's "headless". A headless content management, what the heck does THAT mean? And "Chromeless" -- running a Chrome extension or app without Chrome.

Say what?


I thought the "-less" suffix mean "without something" or the absence of the object being appended.

But I get their meanings now. It took awhile, but I get it.

English is so weird.

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