A Comprehensive Review of Wing IDE

in #programming3 years ago

Disclaimer: I use the free academic version of Wing IDE 6 Professional, and I am unrelated to Wingware in any other ways.

My first experience of Wing IDE was because of school coursework. My instructor required the class to use an old Wing 101 5.0 version (a simplified free edition as said on the website). Then I found that I could use Wing Pro in class for free, and went ahead to register for it.
Wing IDE (https://wingware.com/) is, in fact, a very neat Python IDE. The best thing that I have experienced is the fact that people can just edit, debug, and execute individual Python files without the rigorous process of creating a project and preprocessing like PyCharm (which was the reason my instructor insisted in using it for an introductory class). This is the most important factor, because many editors, like gedit, vim, nano, etc are considered to be more capable as text editors than good debuggers, while they enable per-file editing, and IDEs like Eclipse, PyCharm, etc have to form projects in order to take advantage of their capabilities.
Also, Wing has a source browser, automatic Python documentation, and other capabilities for most IDEs. One additional feature that I had taken advantage of is the neat remote desktop capability, that I used for remote access to a server that is across a city without experiencing lags, where VNC had difficulties even displaying the screen. Using it for Raspberry Pi was also a very good experience.
The debug feature shows a lot more details about exceptions and errors, unlike normal text editors, and I could definitely compare it to PyCharm. Spyder was definitely more clunky in most aspects.
Obviously, the downside of this program is that it is bad in project management for an IDE. I recommend using Eclipse/PyCharm if you really need to pack things up in one neat project.

In conclusion, this IDE combines the reliability of PyCharm with the convenience with text editors like Notepad++ or EditPlus, and for people who aren't informed with this program, I recommend looking into it, since Wing is comparably both unknown and underrated compared to PyCharm or Spyder, as far as I know.


Very nice review of Wing IDE! I am also using Wing, and I really agree with you.

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