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This is mainly an announcement post for people already using GraphQL, so I'm not going into detail about what GraphQL is.

'Vanilla' GraphQL:

Most people using GraphQL just use the gql template literal tag.

// use.js
import gql from 'graphql-tag'
const query = gql`query myQuery { myField }`

Separate files with webpack loader:

The above can quickly litter your code though, so many people prefer to use the webpack loader offered by the graphql-tag package. This allows moving GraphQL code into its own files for more separation of concerns, syntax highlighting, etc.

// query.gql
query myQuery { myField }

// use.js
import query from './query.graphql'

Other Options:

Not everyone can use webpack. A few cases where this might be true are:

  • Using Next.js
  • Using React Native
  • Using Create-React-App before ejecting your app

I've created a couple of packages for these scenarios. For the first two cases (or any case where you have access to babel plugins but not webpack) there's babel-plugin-inline-import-graphql-ast

For the third case, I made a wrapper package around the first, react-app-rewire-inline-import-graphql-ast

If you try either of these out, let me know what you think!

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