Git and Github for Version Control

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How to use Git and Github for Version Control. It doesn't matter what programming language or web platform you're using to code your project (Python, Django, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Node, PHP, HTML, whatever) you should use Version Control to maintain your code base.

In this video I'll show you how to setup Git on your computer for your project, how to save your code to your own local git repository, and finally how to push your code from the terminal to for safe keeping!

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Woah!!! This is very very educative. Thanks alot for sharing this awesome video. It's very helpful to me and the entire steemit community. Subscribing to your at once.

Keep up the great work



I love watching this type of videos when the person explains very well, thanks and congratulations for giving this video!!

Thanks! Glad you liked it...

Very clear and eloquent explanation.
I understand the point, every time my PC acts strangely, I restore it to a previous point where it worked wonderfully.
So, by your clear explanation, I understand how important it is to have Git installed for a programmer and even more to have your project on Github.
As you explain, if someone is looking for a person for a job and sees your history on Github, and likes it, you can get a job.
Ok very interesting
It made me laugh that the download has so many screens, it is good and it gives confidence that you mention it, next, next, next ... Hahaha.
I subscribed to your channel and I will wait for notifications in my email.
Thanks for being great!
Thanks Curie for a good selection.

Thanks so much!