Earn Passive Income | Delegate Your Steem Power to @Proffit Bot | 80% Payouts

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If you are not that active on steemit or you are simply looking for way to invest and earn some passive income , @proffit bot is offering partnership to all who delegate Steem Power to us .

How It Works:

You can delegate (rent) your steem power to us , we use steem power to sell our upvotes and we share profit with you .
Steem power you delegate to us remains yours and you can un-delegate that steem power at any time (cool down period is 7 days) .
All profits we earn during 24hrs period we share with our delegators . 80 % goes to delegators and 20 % to @proffit bot .

Earnings payouts are ones per day , at 8:00pm European Central Time

If you have any question, please leave the comment and we'll get back to you

To Delegate Steem Power:

you can use this form https://helloacm.com/tools/steemit/sp-delegate-form/

if you need additional information or help with delegating SP , check out this post https://steemit.com/steemit/@isteemithard/how-to-delegate-steem-power-sp-on-steemit-delegate-to-me-and-earn

Thank you all and wish you massive profits ...

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