Specification Vs Price; Which should be the main consideration when buying a smartphone? - Productivity #2

Smartphones have now become a very important requirement for most people. In addition to practical communication tools, the smartphone also offers a number of features that make many people feel at home for long. 

When buying a smartphone, ideally we as users should be smart in choosing a smartphone that suits our needs and abilities. We should pay close attention to every aspect of the smartphone that we will buy so as not to regret in the future. Some aspects like design, camera, battery, price and specification become the most frequently viewed aspect by the users. Which is the most important and mandatory aspect when buying a smartphone? 

Specification VS Price; Which should be the main consideration when buying a smartphone? 

1. Design 

Design is one important aspect and arguably this aspect is the first time you will pay attention when buying a smartphone. Aspects of design on the smartphone itself includes the color, form of the smartphone itself as well as materials used as a framework of smartphones.

Of course if possible, you should choose a smartphone with a strong frame, while for color and shape all depends on your taste.

2. Battery 

 Battery is a vital aspect of the smartphone. Without the battery, the smartphone will not turn on and therefore when buying a smartphone you should choose a smartphone with quality batteries and make sure the type of battery you use at least Lithium Ion (Li-Ion).

Do not forget to check the capacity of the battery and make sure you buy a smartphone with a capacity of qualified batteries (minimum 2800 mAh, recommended 3000 mAh up)

3. Camera 

 The camera is also one of the important aspects of the smartphone. In addition to photographing, the camera can also be used for video calls and record something. When buying a smartphone make sure you buy a camera with quality technology (such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia camera technology) and if possible a large Megapixel size becomes an added value. 

4. Specifications 

 What about the specs? If this one obviously you should note because the specifications will affect the performance of your smartphone. Make sure you buy a smartphone with at least 2 GB of RAM and a series of processors that are not out of date.

5. Price


Paying attention to the price of a smartphone can also be a wise choice because generally the price is directly proportional to the quality of the smartphone itself such as Apple and Samsung.


After reading a brief description of each aspect, we go back to the original question which is the most important aspect?

Well, to determine which aspects are the most important and most mandatory of your main when buying a smartphone, you must first understand your needs.

If you are a casual user who only uses smartphones for phone, social media, selfie and other activities, then you can sacrifice high specification aspect to be exchanged for good camera aspect and cheaper price.

Conversely, if you are a hardcore user who more often use your smartphone for various heavy activities such as gaming, rooting, made as a modem and so on, then the aspect of the battery and the specification are the top two things you should prioritize.

Of course you have to spend a little more in if you buy a smartphone with a high specification, but you can overcome this by choosing a brand-friendly pockets (Asus, Xiao Mi).

That was the explanation about which aspects are the most important and you must pay attention when buying a smartphone, hopefully useful and happy shopping.

Finally, see you later and make sure you leave a trail in the comments field and share it to your friends.



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