Kill Skillbuilders 20190204

in problem •  17 days ago

For eating more taxmoney than a politician and achieving just the same while blaming me for world hunger

as for steemcleaners ? i dont think the mackdaddybot sucking on misterdelegationjuice has quit yet , so here's some spam for yow ass, maybe you can see the difference that way you fascist fuck ...



scared ?

what, downvoting another account with misterdelegation dickjuice dripping from your lips while i just bought 200 steem ?
well, that wouldnt be very nice, would it now ? but you COULD, ofcoure, you got the million dickjuice, i only got MY MONEY

it would be really contrary to my concepts of how business works but maybe not in north korea or something i dont know where you got yours ...

yea whatever ...

allll kinds of strange notions here, like for instance, where i'm from

if you kick someone in the balls, WITHOUT WARNING EVEN, they are not going to come over on their knees apologizing asking you to please not ..

that's like totally freakishly weird when i see people do that

is that because you get your power from someone elses dickjuice ? so you expect the same from your victims ?

its a bit of a lowlife, no-esteem caroussel or what ?

REALLY strange ... really ... VERY strange to me ...

so go on, go ahead, lock and block and censor it

show the world why everone should invest in STEEM ... as long as they dangle from YOUR balls ...

go on ... its about ten real dollars atm pending i think ... REAL MONEY

MY money ... you can just


just like that,

as long as you have the delegated dick juice, so prove to the world why they should buy steem

like i do ?


pushed in your face with Sun Feb 3 23:00:24 UTC 2019

from midnightrunner
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