problem with payments on airdrop, help me!

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Hi guys! I have a question and reasoning. There was such a situation, the Latoken platform conducted an airdrop through the bot using the WHIRL token (WRL). Airdrop is over and there is a big NO... What is the point: asked a question in the telegram channel WHIRL, when there will be payments and their answer disappointed me:

Dear Friends and colleagues,
As you probably know, after the cancellation of WHIRL ICO campaign, instead of just announcing that the campaign is closed we decided not to leave the participants of the bounty program without remuneration. Instead of the WRL token, which will never see the light of day, we decided to issue a liquid and popular KICK token of our ecosystem. But since this is our gesture of goodwill, and the bounty hunters tend to sell the received tokens as soon as possible and thus dump the price, we can issue it only in a frozen form. So we did with those who collaborated with the Bounty0x team - everyone who participated in the bounty already received all KICK tokens.

However, LATOKEN platform team prevents this from happening. Under the pretext that they will not transfer the personal data of users, they refuse to share the list of anonymous, depersonalized wallets and the amounts that are due to be paid out. Instead, they request all KICK tokens to be sent to them. We cannot do this for two reasons: first, if we do this, then all KICK tokens will remain with them, since frozen tokens cannot be transferred further. The second, we do not trust these people (why - we will elaborate further) and believe that under this far-fetched pretext, they are going to keep most of the tokens to themselves.

Once again, we emphasize, that we do not require any personal information. All we need is just a depersonalized wallet address and the amount to be transferred. This is completely anonymous information, which we would still receive after (and if) LATOKEN employees distribute the KICK tokens that we would transfer to them. Therefore, the refusal to provide this public information looks not only suspicious, but simply foolish.

As another alternative LATOKEN team could create wallets for us send the tokens and then pass them on to the involved users. This step would not require sharing any information at all, yet they failed to do it as well. This showcases no desire to cooperation and a clear bad will.

Now about the distrust of the LATOKEN platform. As you know, WHIRL project “raised” funds there for an ICO, at the same time with our KICKICO platform and its own website. ZERO funds were raised via LATOKEN platform. Not a single satoshi was attracted using their platform, despite the fact that we paid a lot of money for listing there and for the “promos” that they allegedly did. However, the LATOKEN website showed the overall amount of funds raised - thus, LATOKEN, at our expense, drew a beautiful picture of the fees, misleading visitors of the site. We believe that this is a fraudulent scheme in which a certain service is promised, yet in reality nothing is delivered and will not be. We believe that the platform employees are well aware of this. We believe that WHIRL-type projects that collect their own funds are being used at the LATOKEN platform for advertising purposes and in order to show the next “customers” that the fundraising is allegedly carried out, which is a deliberate misrepresentation. Personally, we have drawn the appropriate conclusions and will not leave it like this.

If you have also suffered from the actions of LATOKEN, reach out to us at..........

If the employees of LATOKEN platform understand what personal data is, they realize that they can (and should) transmit the list of anonymized wallets and amounts to be accrued (as, for example, Gate, did), then we will immediately distribute frozen KICK tokens to everyone.

I wrote in group telegram Latoken to explain why this was happening. Here is their answer:

Dear Whirl airdrop participants,
We need to provide an explanation in regards to recent Whirl statements:

In brief, Whirl management refused to submit tokens for distribution to airdropers, so at the moment we cannot distribute Whirl airdrop tokens.


  1. Whirl ordered Latoken airdrop service, and this service was prepared and rendered. Whirl management was informed about all details of airdrop campaign service beforehand including token distribution process after the end of airdrop.
  2. At the end of airdrop Whirl management did not provide tokens for distribution to airdropers and asked several times for extension of distribution period, although we stated quite clearly in our standard rules that tokens shall be distributed by Latoken within 30 days after the airdrop end , those condition are clearly stated in airdrop page promo.latoken and in the whirl airdrop bot.
  3. Instructions on how participants would receive token was stated on the whirl airdrop page and in the airdrop bot, so that it is Latoken responsibility to distribute airdrop tokens, not WHIRL's.
  4. Latoken can and will distribute even frozen WHIRL tokens as soon as we will get them.
  5. Latoken cannot and will not provide WHIRL wallet addresses of airdrop participants. Your personal data is safe at Latoken, we will not provide it any third party without your explicit written consent from your side.
  6. We do not appreciate the language Whirl management is using to speak about its partners as we need to remain professional on both sides.

Tell me how to be in this situation ?? Thank you!

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