some of the most important Firefox configuration options

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Firefox browser is in general a good choice for people who prefer freedom and privacy over slavery. The browser comes with lot of default options to protect privacy and saftey and it can be improved by tweaking.

Some of these are hidden under about:config - ie, type about config in the address bar and enable or disable.

  • One of the mandatory options to be enabled is
    network.IDN_show_punycode which helps protecting character spoofing.

The correct setting is as shown below

These attacks are technically called IDN homograph attacks and is described here :

  • We don't want any site reading which plugins we have. Don't let them read it

plugins.enumerable_names = blank

  • Batter status of our device is not the concern of the web sites that we visit !

dom.battery.enabled = false

  • DNS cache is a big head ache especially if you are a developer ..

network.dnsCacheExpiration --> change this to a low number.

Mine is 5

These are some of the important settings from

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I always liked firefox...
(And hated slavery)
Thanks for the useful information...


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