Why you need a VPN

in privacy •  16 days ago 

Because your Government can go full retard tomorrow (if they haven't already)

Source: https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1189166988431712256

You need a good VPN for:

  • Escape your Government
  • Access blocked content (eg. Netflix, HBO, Torrent)
  • Condom for "free WiFi"
  • Pornhub

B-But @ash my Government is nice they would never do something bad

Okay cool. But it can't hurt to be prepared.

Even if your government is nice, pay a fucking ~$2 in BTC per month (currently with a 75% Halloween rebate + 10% if you pay in BTC) to make yourself comfortable with it.

At least set it up on your PC & Mobile and always use it before you connect to a free WiFi hotspot.

Not using a VPN at Starbucks is like having unprotected sex with a cheap hooker from the street. You'll never know what you gonna get

VPN to use

I use, advertise, and market TZone. They're inexpensive and there is no known hacking incident so far. (heh)

Click Here to check it out & get extra discount via my link (at the moment up to 85% discount)!

Secure & Anonymous VPN - Uploadfilter? Censorship? No Thanks!

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VPN's are necessary. Governments are never inherently nice because they rely on fraud and theft. They will do whatever they need to keep you paying taxes. Apart from that, they could care less about your life.


It depends... a lot of VPN marketing is blatent lies, like everyone being able to see exactly what your doing.

Any decent website or modern app uses HTTPS, which means your ISP and Government can only see the domain/IP you're connecting to. The ads often go over the top about how people can steal your info in order to make money. I still have a VPN for when I need it but if they work with the government/are hacked, the same info as above will be leaked, much like the recent NordVPN hack - even some of the 'big guys' still make mistakes... I always think that albeit rare, if someone really wants to track you back, they will.

Here's a more honest version of their ads:

Sorry to rain on the parade,
~ @cadawg

you're right, and that's why you should use a VPN where needed (see my examples).

for everything else there is TOR :)

Go TOR! I've fixed the list to my standards (especially important for #3 in my list - as the domain kinda gives it away)


problem is TOR is blocked on most free wifis, and you want to avoid the man the man in the middle. that's the reason why I use VPN in freebies :)

MITM doesn't really work nowadays unless the WiFi installs a certificate on to your computer, and that requires explicit permission from the user.

mh fair point. need to do more research :)

VPN are like true friends these days.

A friend in need is a friend indeed? 😏

Dam true 🤗

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bought 10 now :D

[CC] Thank you. Have fun with the function. :-)

There are few goverments this days that work for theyr people.Most of them works against honest people.Instead they serve blindly Illuminati's.

🎶 I always feel like somebody's watching me.🎶


  ·  11 days ago (edited)

I have to remind my friends of this all the time..

They're like: " ..well if you have nothing to hide.."

And I'm all like: " ..tell that to thd political prisoners in almost every country in the world."

And in my case. I always err on the side of caution when it comes to trusting the government..

well.. why do you close the toilet door in public when you have nothing to hide? :)

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Are VPNs foolproof?

nothing that requires trust is foolproof