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Honest Government Ad | Anti Encryption Law

in privacy •  4 months ago

@transisto am I missing something? You've hashtagged Not Original Content, so you're not Juice Media...right?
Is steemit really giving you $500+ upvote just for uploading someone else's hard work here?
Honest question, not judging.
Well, trying really hard not does seem a little fkd up though tbh, but then I am just week old plankton here, am I missing something? I love Juice Media's shit and would instinctively upvote but something about this feels quite 'off' to me...

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It's not even a Dtube mirror, it's just a link to JuiceMedia's youtube channel? :/

99.9% paid votes, It most likely costed me money to land that on the top trending.


Oh right - wow, fair play.
I had no idea you could roll that way here.