Free Bird: Story about my life in prison till my release this year 2022

in #prisonlifelast year

Well, I've been away for over 30months now. Locked up for a crime I sort off didn't commit.
Thus over the past few weeks, I've will post my personal experience being locked up in Sungai Buloh Jail as a remand prisoner. I will post the experience based on weeks events from the Day 1 till my last day in prison, and upon my release to freedom.

Reason why I decided to blog about, is to share this unique experience that I've been through that others shouldn't experience. I also will expose some of the corruption in our Malaysian Prison system. In short money is the root off all corruption, over the course of this story it will be shared.

Till my next post on the beginning for a journey on the first week of my life in prison, look out for my next post.
At the moment, I'm just enjoying the freedom while eating good food, drinking my favorite drinks, and binge my favorite TV shows.

Till then watch my space for the next post in couple of days, peace out and God Bless you all

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