Mass Prison Break Attempt Left 21 Dead in Brazil 🔒 👮🔫💥

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On Tuesday April 10th, 2018 a group of armed men attacked the Santa Izabel Penitentiary Complex in Belem, Brazil to assist prisoners who were also armed with firearms. Initially the gunfire started after an explosion that attempted to blow a hole in a prison wall. Eventually reinforcements arrived to control the situation. The police eventually recovered two rifles and 5 handguns. A total of 21 people died, 15 of whom were gunmen that attempted to break into the prison, 5 were inmates, and one was a guard. Additionally four guards were injured. Some inmates were successfully able to escape. The prison houses 659 inmates with a capacity of 432 and experiences frequent riots, gang violence, drug trafficking, and escape attempts. Brazil is also one of the dangerous countries in the world with 60,000 annual homicides.