Tesla leader supports Andrew Yang in the 2020 presidential election

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For his US presidential campaign of 2020, candidate Andrew Yang, a crypto-currency enthusiast , gets support from Elon Musk , Tesla's CEO.

Campaign supported by crypto-currencies

This position was supported in a Twitter conversation by the Tesla leader with political commentator Dan Carlin. The subject of the debate focused on the entrepreneurial strength of the Democratic candidate,according to the following:

"I do not expect people to agree with me on everything, it would be strange. My main hope is that people have confidence that I am trying to solve problems and that I am open to different approaches - especially if the data goes in a particular direction.

Change your mind is not a bad thing

Unlike President Donald Trump who openly displays his lack of support for crypto-currencies , White House contender Yang and his new supporter Musk are very enthusiastic about the use of Blockchain technology in the world of finance and payment. digital.

And as proof, to finance his campaign, Yang accepts donations in cryptocurrencies , including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), as well as any other crypto-asset meeting the ERC-20 standards and transfers via the platform. Venmo payment.

For the same cause, the PAC (Political Action Committee) Humanity Forward Fund and Opennode also provide support to raise funds from individuals and businesses.

What about the Freedom Dividend?

This unexpected choice of Musk is explained by his enthusiasm for the new policy "Freedom Dividend" envisaged by Andrew Yang. Musk believes that this is the solution that is destined to inevitably eliminate many positions , facing the massive use of robotics and the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

Through the Freedom Dividend, officially called UBI (Universal Basic Income), Yang would like to allocate $ 1,000 every month for every American, for any professional situation.

Thus, the leader of Tesla sees a glimmer of hope to reduce the disruption of the job market, as well as to promote the IA technology.

What do you think of the evolution of Andrew Yang's campaign with his new supporter Musk? Comment in the comment section below.

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