The Premier League is Back with The Most Amazing Football

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Hello everyone, our dear soccer lovers today we want to share with some of the amazing results from the premier league as it happened!!


Match of the week was obviously between Man utd and Chelsea where we had many debuts from each side.. Frank Lampard welcome game was a disaster....


Chelsea young star Abram hit the goal post to deny Chelsea a lead early in the first half before Marcus converted a penalty shot for Man Utd.

Manchester City composed Westham Utd to a 5:0 victory in it's favor..


The European champions, Liverpool welcomed the premier league visitors Norwich City with a 4:1 victory that saw them show positive energies again.


Arsenal beat Newcastle Utd 1 goal to zero whereas the Hotspurs on the other side welcomed visitors Aston Villa with a 3:1 defeat for the visitors.

The Premier league will resume this out for the next fixtures...

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