No evil shall fall upon you and your family

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Today, the LORD God will manifest His glorious power in your situation and make you a Point of Reference, a Channel of Blessings, a Symbol of Success, a Vessel of Testimonies and a Pillar of Joy. In Jesus name. Amen

God will speak for you. Heaven will open for your sake and every blessing from above will locate you. Whatever you say or do shall be seasoned with favour. His presence shall be your abode.

No evil shall fall upon you and your family. Every power set to crumble your way and your household shall be shattered. Under divine declaration today, begin to advance, begin to make it, begin to proceed. God will specially attend to your situation. It is well with you in Jesus name.

have a wonderful day. Enjoy your Sunday .
Good morning !

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That's ridiculous. It sounds like a horoscope or a fortune cookie.

Christians get sick. They can die young. Tragedy strikes Christians the same way it strikes unbelievers.

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