The "war" against ganjafarmer....

in prayers •  3 months ago

Well I'm actually pretty astounded and today's events. This here get listed. My content is just me. What I do.

You are free to send hatemail and write nasty comments... But hey if you have noticed... I actually reward people for engaging with me.

Now do I hate vegans? Nope. Couldn't care. Maybe you have to have that diet for medical reasons... Not my concern. Honestly that's like asking me if I want dressing on my salad. Nope. Gotta go. Don't really care enough.

Big agriculture? How phosphate mining destroys the environment? Or the Floride they produce is put into the water supply? And that the far majority of vegans blindly shop for produce. Sorry.

And the wastage of vegetables? Oh appealing. Opportunities. Yeah I lived at a monistary. The monks would get all the unsellable produce.

OK how about environmental activism? Well the reason I smell of cigarettes? But my pocket is full of them. I'm always picking up trash and cleaning the environment. Which hey there is some direct activism I could show more of.

Salmon... Oh I've cleaned streams and helped rehabilitating the streams for the salmon to come. Back to our local streams. I should go get pictures of the plaque. And smoked out with a fellow steemian at that spot!

So. Would you rather see me writing about activism? Or doing it?

I'm just a humble human. I'm homeless. I promote more for others. Who cares about being the richest person. Thought we were rising the tide and trying to influence people to help support the change.

And the friends that turned on me... Oh I'm aware of this and while I'm delegating to one group? I'll leave it.

Every vote I've gotten is been a blessing. I'm not about playing the popular people game.

Am I not allowed to have an opinion? Why the hate and instant switch from friends to war.

Well this again shows me to be wary of trusting people. Not all that claim to be good are.

But how can I blindly follow orders? I'd listen to the issue... But I'm not here to force my beliefs upon others.

And honestly I didn't have the legal right to practice my religion until 1978.

Yep it was disco before we could practice our traditions. Or have sweat lodge.

So my tribe has a herd of buffalo. Was shooting and they came and checked us out. Me and my brother that lost both legs in Afghanistan. We stopped and in awe of these magnificent animals stared back. They stood checking us out for a good 30 mins or so. The border of the range is alongside the buffalo pen. And they rarely if ever come when gunfire is present.

I honor these magnificent creatures. And all forms of life. Even when I pick a berry I say thanks to the creator and mother earth. Every day I wake up and say my prayers. Today is a beautiful day. I know the pain of hunger. I grew up poor and I'm poor and on disability. But I can be positive and help others.

Here I can be me. If you want to vote? Do. If you want to talk? But I vote your comment...

Why not? Have fun with life. It's too short for drama.

Oh and thanks for the words of encouragement! You know who you are. I understand. Politics.

But this world? I will change it... And I'm not going to flag when this so called war happens.

Honestly? I'm. Currently been suffering through agonizing back pains. Yesterday was good bit I over did it.

But want to see activism? Don't write a post and whine. That gets you paid and yep cool be selfish and always about yourself.

But don't hate on me because. I'm doing more than you can dream.

How many people here have I inspired? How. Much work have I done for others?

Well my light shines. And through the deepest storm you can't extinguish it.

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Your light does shine!
I can say that because I have met you.
On steemit though.....Why so much drama?
I don't want to read about drama. Ya know?
Show me the dog pics and show me how your light shines.
Not some BS.

I wrote a massive 2-part research paper, you came in and left an inconsiderate comment (only part of which was related at all), I responded in not the most compassionate way (though honestly, without any personal attacks, and nothing remotely resembling a "war"), and you went off the rails. Own your actions, and stop trying to play a victim by sharing just your version of what happened while conveniently not sharing any of the rest of the story.