[Night Life] Top 5 bars in Prague

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Remember that night you had a few beers with your firends and decided to "go big", yet you ended up in some sleazy pub ?It can be really hard to find or even think of a good place to spend a quality night when you don’t plan for it. Now imagine that moment in a completely different town or even a country.

Prague has become a very popular place for those getaways, where you spend the day enjoying beautiful culture and go absolutely crazy once the sun sets. Yes, second part is true aswell. Prague can be VERY interesting at night.. Hype aside, I have been living here my entire life and all the good places seem to be hidden from the common folk so I bringing you the Pragues Top 5!

#5 Nebe Cocktail & Music Bar

Heaven themed bar with very attractive interior and wide spectrum of drinks for a decent price. On top of that, If you like dancing, there is a smaller parquet where you can blow off some steem ^^ All in all a very nice package for a good price and if you come early, you save some more money for drinks as they are 50% off till 9 PM

#4 AnonymouS

Don’t be surprised when the attendants approach you in a mask of "Guye Fawkse" as this is part of the package. Amazing place with intriguing design in theme of Anonymous. When visiting, always pay close attention to your surrounding because the design is authentic to the smallest detail. Drinks are cleverly handed out in original forms and you even have hidden variants in the menu which you can only see with infrared light that is served after few drinks.

#3 Hemingway Bar

Named and influenced by Ernest Hemingway, one of the biggest American writers, whose genius is well known through out the world. Wonderful place where you can taste over 200 different kinds of rum and all kinds of other high quality alcohol. This classical cocktail bar also offers many very strong and tasty cocktails and private collection of Absinthe drinks (biggest in Czech Republic)

#2 Black Angel's Bar

Supposedly "secret" club Black Angels is situated on the second floor of hotel "U Prince". Atmosphere of secret meetups over a glass of quality alcohol seeps from every corner of this gothical bar. As all of the bars from this list, you will taste amazing high quality cocktails with the addition of futuristic section of "Molecular mixology". Black Angels offers very good food as well so if you decide to spend the night, you are all set.

#1 Aureole Bar

Best and probably most expensive bar on the list is Aureole. It is situated on the 21st floor and thus has absolutely mindblowing view of Prague with open terrace. Luxurious design in black, red and leather theme. It is another "whole package" with cutting-edge cocktails, great food and amazing design.. However, there is a big difference from all the others, Aureole doesn’t offer cocktails or great staff, it offers an experience.


I personally tried all of them and all of them are awesome. It all depends on your locality and price range, but any parameters work with this top 5. Make sure to save this post or desired bar to your favorites so you know where to go next time you visit Prague ;-)

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