No Power, No Water in Caguas, Puerto Rico

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Edit: And we have water back on! I just found out this morning (Friday) that water service was restored to our neighborhood in Caguas through the night.

Edit: power is back on at our house and the place we’re staying at turned off their generators and is back on city power also. Hurray! No water yet in Caguas but we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

A little before 5am on Tuesday, we awoke to a significant earthquake. Turned out to be a 6.4 which destroyed a number of buildings in the south part of the island. We immediately lost power. Later that night, we lost water pressure as well. There's no telling when we'll get power back or when water service will be restored. I'm following the @acueductospr and @AEEONLINE twitter accounts for updates, but so far it's not looking too good. This morning's CBS news report talks about the main power plant being out for possibly up to a year.

If you check out the video, you'll notice the equipment looks like it's from 1950. They mention it's 60 years old. Imagine using a computer that is 60 years old. Technological innovation often brings exponential improvements in efficiency, quality, and more and I have to imagine there have been some improvements in power generation since before I was born.

We're currently staying with friends who have both water and power. There's no telling at this point how long this situation will continue. You can follow along some posts on Facebook as well

Since most of my family and friends are on Facebook (and some on Twitter), that's where I post this stuff. I wish they were active on Steemit.

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Wow.. 6.4 is pretty strong. And up to a year is really long. Hope everything is up and running a little bit quicker than that.

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I hope so too. Yeah, I grew up in Southern California, so I'm used to earthquakes here and there, but this is the worst one this island has seen in over a hundred years.

Sorry, to hear that sounds fairly intense. I guess this is what living off-the-grid will feel like.

Prayers for you and your family, @lukestokes, and all who are suffering down there. I thought of you as soon as I heard this news and I am so glad to see this post. This is not going to be a quick fix, and I am very happy you have good friends to help.

I have you on my list of steemfest tasks, but I have been sick as a dog since returning from that trip. Maybe soon I will be on the mend and better able to work.

Please post every so often to let us know how you are doing. I will look out for your posts.

Thank so much for thinking of us. We got word that power has been restored in Caguas and the building we’re staying in just got off their generators and back to city power tonight. Still no water back home yet.

That's good to hear that things are improving, @lukestokes. What a mess to have such a big one. Take good care of your family and keep posting.

We got water service back during the night! Looks like we’ll be heading back home today. :)

Wonderful news! Good luck with all of it.

If you check out the video, you'll notice the equipment looks like it's from 1950. They mention it's 60 years old. Imagine using a computer that is 60 years old.

And yet Wadda surprise!! In view that Puerto Rico is still just a plain "unincorporated territory" (colony) and not an official state of the US of A since 1898.

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Well i'm about to hop on a plane to Puerto Rico in about 5hrs... however I'll only be there 24hrs this time because then i jump on a cruiseship. I do appreciate the update of how it's going there.

I’m sure you’ll be fine as the power came back on in Condado tonight and that was one of the last cities to get power after Maria. They take care of the airports and cruise ship docks. I don’t think they were out of service at all.