Harmful effect of keeping mobile near.

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Science has now brought the whole world into our hands. We can be aware of news from all over the world right now on our mobile phones. So whether it is work or not, it has become a habit to watch the cell phone in sequence. Because of this, we like to keep our cell phone with us at all times, even when we are asleep.
However, studies have shown that exposure to cell phones in the body can be a health hazard. Radiation from a mobile phone constantly inhibits cell growth in the body. As a result, the risk of various cancers increases.
From the time the alarm is set until it is turned off, the radio starts running out. So if you keep the cell phone close to your head before bed, this invisible wave will cause physical and brain damage.
So when you are asleep, turn off your cell phone and put it in a room where there are no people or keep the cell phone 3 feet away from the body.