Crossing The Finish Line - Time to make it count!!

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HELLOOOOOOOO my dear Steemians!!

This is the run to the finish line! We are so close.

I hope that you've taken the opportunity to

  1. Read all the posts from those of us at #powerhousecreatives (@steemitbloggers)
  2. That you have looked at the contest and see how this will affect these groups. Making an informed decision is the most we can ask for.

Over the past few days I have reading the posts of my fellow PHC'ers (steemitbloggers) The few things I have seen is there is a love for what we do. You can see it in every post. You can see the love of this family. You can see the support we have from fellow community leaders.

We are proof that when a group of people come together with like ideas, amazing things can happen. I've mentioned it before we are a true melting pot. I know one of my fellow members actually broke down where we're all from. We are truly an international group. We believe in quality content, supporting each other, and having fun.

Building a community, a good strong community is what is needed on Steemit. Despite everything that is going on, we believe that we must push on. Keep putting out great content. To be active and supporting the community. It is the way we will make Steemit strong.

Thank you to everyone at #powerhousecreatives (@steemitbloggers). Thank you @jaynie and @zord189 for all the work that you do.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Power House Creatives Logos FINAL.png

How to vote?
1 Click the below link.
2 Login to steemconnect
3 Select 'steemitbloggers' - this is who to vote for.
4 And you're done!!



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Thank you for your continued support, Love

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

It was so much FUN doing this together. haha!
Resteeming...we are all so much more tighter. BTW This is @rebeccabe's alt account..forgot I was signed in here. :)


LOL @rebeccabe It's been a long day. It has been. I think so too. Such a great group of people.


agreeed :)

Oohh @tryskele 😊 I voted with 5 alternative accounts😂 few hours before the poll ended and I was seeing that steemitbloggers on top that time and then went to sleep because I thought it was the final result 😊 but I just read that votovzla made it to the top 😯, i didn't know about other communities except those where my friends around.


@cicisaja 😊 awww. Yeah it was down to the last minute. It was great seeing so many people come together. Thank you so much for your help.

I just came by with this comment to thank you for all the work in the challange,
i am going to all our communityblogs and express my feelings after just finding out that we won and we have to thank @bluemist for that but i also want to say that i as a member appreciated all you did for the contest, and to say your an awsome member and PHCfriend,
Blog you soon,
Gr. Britt


Thanks @brittandjosie. 😊