Steemit Friends - PLEASE vote for @steemitbloggers in @theycallmedan's NEW 20k SP delegation contest!

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It wasn't all that long ago I posted about the @steemitbloggers community (aka #powerhousecreatives) being in the running for a 10k Steem Power delegation from @theycallmedan. After an amazing exhausting & inspiring competition, we...


But now, there is a new 20k SP delegation contest, by the same awesomely generous Steemian Dan, who also happens to being doing loads of Steem and the Steemit platform promotion on Twitter. Since I'm a bit pressed for time at the moment, I won't expound on the many reasons I feel @steemitbloggers deserve your vote (especially since I've mentioned it already once or twice), but fair warning - this is the first of a number of posts I plan do to during the next 5 days. 😊

I'll simply leave you with this for now - if you'd like to do me an awesomesauce solid, you can cast your vote for my @steemitbloggers family thusly -

How to vote

  1. Click on the link below

  2. Login to steemconnect

  3. Select 'steemitbloggers'

  4. Click vote!

Vote here: Which Steem Project Should I Delegate 20k SteemPower To For 1 Year?

Finally (for now) to my Steemit Bloggers/Power House Creatives family...


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I have voted .Hope it will be helpful for you.Thank you.


That's awesome, @rana2423! Thanks so much! 😊

That GIF 😂 it's so accurate and the face reactions oh dang, nice selection you got there, like really 🤣🤣

Yes people, if you are reading this - go vote. Remember that you don't really get to make wonderful choices every day!

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Done. And done. More posts to follow! See you in the #powerhousecreatives @steemitbloggers and on twitter! Have a good weekend!

I'm going to be FINALLY getting up my support post in a few hours, as well!! Gosh, why didn't they do this at a time when we were all free? Haha, just kidding I am truly grateful to have something so worthwhile to fight for. I'm so proud of our group that we continue to make waves despite all the odds!

Voted, and getting after pretty much everyone I know in various Discords... it's still a long way till the goal line!