Show @steemitbloggers your support in the 20K delegation contest, enter to win 1 Steem!

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The last time I did a Steem raffle like this, I only published it on the Steemit blockchain, thinking my WordPress friends and general readers wouldn't be interested in it. This time, I've decided to also post this on my blog, because I want to show everyone how incredibly awesome and supportive the Steemian community can be!

So, if you've spent any time on the blockchain, Twitter, and/or Discord this week, you've probably bumped into someone talking about @theycallmedan's new contest that is rewarding the winner with a 20K Steem Power delegation for one year (which is double the prize of his first delegation contest).

Speaking of that first contest, while we gave it all we could, the amazing @VotoVzla community from Venezuela pulled out in front, and easily crossed the finish line. The wicked cool thing? All of the other nominees, especially the other two front runners (our group and @Team-CN) were cheering them on and congratulating them on a well-deserved win!

This time, as we're coming down the homestretch, the @steemitbloggers (aka #powerhousecreatives) family (founded by @jaynie and maintained with the help of her Rockstar Admin & Advisor @zord189) is currently running neck and neck with one other community (@steemchurch) for first place. Since there's still four more days to go, and eighteen other contestants, it's still anyone's race at this point. However, though we be tiny, we are mighty! 😊

How to cast your vote for my @steemitbloggers family

  1. Click on the link below

  2. Login to steemconnect

  3. Select 'steemitbloggers'

  4. Click vote!

Vote here: Which Steem Project Should I Delegate 20k SteemPower To For 1 Year?

And just like last time, fellow SB/PHC member @cheese4ead said it best when he pointed out that...

"With all due respect to our honorable competitors, we are truly multinational. We have members from 24 different countries, including, India, Philippines, Belgium, Ireland, Russia, Wales, Malaysia, South Korea, England, South Africa, USA, Scotland, Denmark, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Uruguay, Croatia, France, Indonesia, Germany, Slovakia and Bulgaria."

Once again, one of the reasons we're doing so well is because SO many people from the Steemit community have stepped up and supported us in big ways! And I think I can speak on behalf of all the Steemit Bloggers (Power House Creatives) and say...


So, to make a long story short (yeah, I know - that ship has sailed...LOL), I thought I'd do another list of all the support posts that have found their way onto the blockchain this week. I'm also going to give a little appreciation back by having a random drawing for ONE STEEM for all the non-steemitbloggers Steemians who've taken that extra step to support us!

How to enter to win 1 Steem!

The breakdown -

  • Check out the list below of AMAZING support posts and upvote/resteem/comment as you wish (optional)
  • Write a post supporting @steemitbloggers to win the delegation (either as a full post, or just a mention), and share the link in a reply to this post
  • When the delegation contest ends, I'll choose ONE non-steemitblogger support post at random & send them ONE STEEM as a THANK YOU!

This time, I'm also offering a secondary prize to my @steemitbloggers family, in the form of a tip.

Current member breakdown -

  • Check out the list below of AMAZING support posts and upvote/resteem/comment as you wish (optional)
  • Write a post supporting @steemitbloggers to win the delegation (either as a full post, or just a mention), and share the link in a reply to this post
  • When the delegation contest ends, I'll choose FIVE @steemitbloggers posts at random & give them a @tipU tip as a THANK YOU!

Like last time, I'll be choosing the winners using the generator over at Oh, and if you haven't heard of @cardboard's amazeballs Steemit tipping service, check it out HERE.

Poll ends on February 28th

Since, according to the @dpoll.curation official listing on the dApp (short for decentralized application) poll, @theycallmedan began the poll on February 21st, 2019 at 5:19am (which I believe is EST), my raffle will end when the poll does, which will be on February 28th at 5:19am. Simply put - when the poll ends, my raffle ends. 😂 😊

Here's the list, in no particular order, and updated as they come in -


NOTE: All entries marked with a 😍 are from people outside of the Steemit Bloggers community at the time of posting



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  3. Please take a moment and vote! by @thekittygirl

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  6. Memories of being a little fish: why I'm voting for the Power House Creatives by @fionasfavourites

  7. "Victory's Price" (poem-article) ... @theycallmedan's 20,000 STEEM Delegation by @quillfire

  8. Day-489-Freewrite Thursday dPoll Hustle by @wonderwop

  9. Get your FREE PERSONALISED STEEM SIGNATURE, Limited Time Offer (T&C applies) by @zord189

  10. Vote for @steemitbloggers 🎉💚💙💚 by @jenina619

  11. Lucky Kumo by @veryspider 😍

  12. Please vote for Steemitbloggers, we need you! by @beautifulbullies

  13. Contest: Please support our cummunities to win 20 K Delegation by el-nailul

  14. Farmpunk and Other Contests by @blockurator


  16. Finding Home, a Microfiction | Vote for @steemitbloggers! | 20K SP Delegation by @joeylim

  17. Supporting @steemitbloggers (aka PowerHouseCreatives) by @bengy


  19. Thank you so much for your nomination. Now, please VOTE for @steemitbloggers to WIN the 20k dPoll by @freewritehouse 😍

  20. 4 o’clocky VOTING FOR A GOOD GROUP .... YES @STEEMITBLOGGERS AGAIN by @brittandjosie

  21. How does it feel to be in the mad house for 11 days? by @lilacse

  22. Some of the best DTubers are also @steemitbloggers! Please, vote & help us win 20k SP delegation by @matkodurko

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  26. My Power House Creatives Application + Supporting @steemitbloggers by @jonsnow1983 😍

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  28. [CR] 🔔 ding ding... Attention please :-) by @reinhard-schmid

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  34. Who got my vote by @nurseanne84


  36. Poetry contest Entry. @quillfire's poetry contest and call to arms. by @girlbeforemirror

  37. Actifit Adventures: My Fantastic Friday Walk & #TrashGirlGo by @thereikiforest

  38. The Weekend Freewrite- 2/23/2019 - Part 3 - The Dramatic Twist by @mariannewest


  40. A VOTE FOR THE @steemitbloggers IS A GREEN LIGHT FOR CURATION ACROSS THE BOARD!!! by @theluvbug

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  45. Clowning Around - My Actifit Report Card: February 23 2019 by @blueeyes8960

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  48. Why we (will always) have a dust bowl at our kitchen door by @fionasfavourites

  49. Life is all about CHOICES and the effects of such.. by @jaynie

  50. It's Sunday! PLEASE! If you haven't yet voted in the Dpoll, please vote for @steemitbloggers. If you drop a link to your post here I will check it out, possibility of resteem, tweet and upvotes by

  51. Would you Vote for Creativity and Engagement by @manoldonchev

  52. Because I Really ENJOY it, That's Why! by @denmarkguy

  53. "Cabbage Borscht" a five minute freewrite by

  54. Limited time offer... Get it now. by @heartbeat1515 😍

  55. Show @steemitbloggers your support in the 20K delegation contest, enter to win 1 Steem! by @traciyork

  56. ...WHY your VOTE is BEST SPENT on the @STEEMITBLOGGERS by @steemitbloggers

  57. True PASSION never dwindles, no matter the DISTANCE or DIFFICULTY!!! by @jaynie

  58. Curator Cat Considers: The @theycallmedan challenge, Communities and Individuals by @curatorcat 😍

  59. Thank Youse! Keep Them Votes Coming! by @thekitchenfairy

  60. ChillQuill's Support for The "Power House Creatives" (SteemitBloggers) in the 20,000 STEEM Delegation Contest by @savagekathryn 😍

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  67. Staying in Honor by @rebeccabe

  68. It's Monday! Motivate your underperforming post by dropping a link in the comments section and you may get a resteem, tweet and upvote! Oh... and vote @steemitbloggers in the dpoll (have we mentioned that?) by

  69. @steemitbloggers WON'T pay you for your vote! by @bengy

  70. An HONOURABLE "Shout Out" to all the #STEEM peeps that have shown their support to the @steemitbloggers by @jaynie

  71. Vote for @steemitbloggers ‍ by @jenina619

  72. Prose, prayer and prey by @fionasfavourites


  74. This post contains hot and advancing cold! by @papilloncharity

  75. Snow ... oh no. by @photobe

  76. Tarot Tuesday reading for February 26 2019, and PLEASE vote for @steemitbloggers! by @traciyork

  77. "They Call Him Dan" (poem-contest) ... 20,000 STEEM Delegation Contest (Day 5) by @quillfire

  78. The Deserving should be the winning one instead of Reserving one (They Should be the Real Winner for it) by @freecrypto

  79. Will you support the @steemitbloggers with a vote? by @jaynie

  80. It's Tuesday! Start a fantastic day by VOTING for @steemitbloggers in the Dpoll and then drop a link to an underperforming post for the chance of resteem, tweet and upvote by

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  99. [Contest] - Win Your Content Published in 4 Book Formats... by @porters

100 Feedback on Feedback - A Contest in the Name of the Community by @manoldonchev

101 A Favour for Zeke? - LAST DAY! by @zekepickleman

102 Finish it STRONG by @zord189

103 The Golden Hour! Sunset! by @papilloncharity

104 Engagement, Community Building and Social Media — It's Up to YOU! by @denmarkguy

105 Ulpg#65 a Day to remember. --------vote for @steemitbloggers by @sgbonus

106 Ice Trolls----Wednesday Walk Challenge by @tattoodjay------- ONE LAST FINAL PUSH TO VOTE FOR @steemitbloggers by @sgbonus

107 "DO...OR DO NOT. - THERE IS NO TRY" - Yoda by @steemitbloggers

108 "They Call Him Dan" (poem-contest) ... 20,000 STEEM Delegation Contest (Day 7) by @quillfire

109 The Daily spotlights – February 27 2019 by @pixresteemer 😍

110 20k delegation dpoll heads-up: What's the engagement of the 2 leading groups? by @matkodurko

111 Congratulations Steemitbloggers aka Power House Creatives! by @blockurator

112 Not over yet by @fionasfavourites


NOTE REDUX: As I was writing this today (Sunday), there were already 54 support posts published. Just to be clear, while I've included my own support posts so the number is accurate, needless to say I'm not putting my name in the drawing...LOL!


Please shout out with a link if you find/have one not listed here!

Oh, and....

Come join us!

If you're interested in joining our Steemit Bloggers/Power House Creatives family, here's how to go about it -

The APPLICATIONS Server is OPEN for the #PowerHouseCreatives (@steemitbloggers)

Regardless of who wins this delegation, I can say that I am so proud to be part of the Steemit Bloggers (Power House Creatives) community, and Steemit as a whole. You've all re-ignited my belief and faith in this platform! ❤️


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I was straight onto voting for the group in both polls. We need that delegation so the community can keep growing as will the members with great content!


Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 5% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.


Yes absolutely @goliath! And every little bit of support counts, so thank you for yours!


Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

I've not heard of this 20k delegation contest... hmmm, there is no-one talking about it on any Discord servers that I've seen... (pssstt... don't tell @jaynie or @zord189!).


Heh... I have a comfy rock that I'm hiding under!


HAHAHAHAHA!!! Love your sense of humour @bengy LOL ;)

This just upped your status to SUPER QUEEN of support confirmations!! 👑👸 That's some serious work to get all those compiled, so thank you for making it so easy for us all to spread the dpoll post love!


yes she is a SUPER QUEEN of several thing really... ;)

Great idea @traciyork

Upvoted and resteemed.



Thanks so much, @cheese4ead for both the compliment and the quote! 😊


You are most welcome @traciyork 😁


WOW ... now THAT's a Reading List!

Great job at compilation.



Thanks, @quillfire! It pales by comparison to the AMAZEBALLS poetry competition you've got going on though...




Hmmm ... "amazeballs" ... I wonder how I could work that into a stanza. :-)

To quote @jaynie: "MWHAAAAWWWW!"



she is just the shizz nizzz isn't she ;)



Yes, you're right, of course. Traci is shizz nizzz ... with amazeballs and awesomesauce on top. :-)



hahaha! True Story!!!!! :)

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Hello lovely lady!!! Just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE YOU!!!! and to say thank you for everything you do for us! You truly are a one in a million gem!!! Our space would be a dreary place without you!! XXX

I hope we win! Good luck to us!


I hope so too :)