My #FreeWrite entry into the Power House Creatives Contest - I Spy With My Little Eye

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Here is my entry into the Power House Creatives Contest, "I Spy With My Little Eye" put forth by the ever awesomesauce @zord189. Before I get started, here's the basic deets on the contest...

The prompt - I spy with my little eye something..... RED!

Criteria :

  1. Take a photo of something red.
  2. Write about that object/person/etc
  3. Entry must not be less than 350 words cause who knows, you might get curie or ocd :)
  4. Add a nice title to your entry.

And because of how my brain works (or doesn't...LOL), I decided I needed an extra bit of inspiration to get me typing. I've been meaning to do another 5 minute Free Write post for ages, but hadn't found the chance. I figured this was a perfect excuse to peruse all the amazing prompts that @mariannewest puts out every day for the @freewritehouse. In short order I found one from almost a week ago that caught my eye - Day 604: 5 Minute Freewrite: Sunday - Prompt: caducity.

So here is my photo, taken in August 2017 -

Spy With My Little Eye

And here is my 5 minute Free Write for...

I Spy With My Little Eye Something... RED!

Spy With My Little Eye

Madame Libellule

"Good afternoon, Genevieve. Are you ready to go back inside now? It's almost suppertime."

The nurse's aide stared at me with a bright fake smile on her face. I stared back with as much disdain as I could muster, slowly tapping my pencil on the newspaper spread out on the table beside my wheelchair, and waited for her to correct her mistake.

"Genevieve? Did you hear me? It's time to go in now!" She tried for a bigger smile, which only served to make me less likely to want to return it.

I took a slow, measured breath in an effort to control my anger. She was a new girl after all, so I should probably be patient with her. Still, I couldn't let her impropriety to go unchecked. I tersely answered, "No, Madame Libellule is not yet ready to go inside."

She gasped a little, and began to apologize profusely for her disrespectful use of my first name as if we were equals, but I waved her off with my pencil. "I need a moment to figure out this last clue. Then I will allow you to bring me inside."

"Maybe I can help? What is the clue?"

"An eight letter word that ends in Y that means transitory."

From the blank look on her face, I knew the chances of her pulling the word out of her head were as slim as the chances that I would jump up and start waltzing across the lawn. I sighed, and was glancing back at my puzzle when a flash of color caught my eye.

"Well, what do you know? I spy, with my little eye, something that begins with D that also ends my quandary."

The aide followed my glance. "I spy? What are you talking about? Do you mean that red dragonfly over there?"

"Yes, you poor bewildered girl, I mean that gorgeous little creature."

"But..." she continued "I didn't know dragonfly meant... what was that word?"

I sighed again. "Transitory, and it doesn't. Dragonfly also has nine letters, in case it escaped your attention. However, after existing in a larvae state for a couple of years, the adult dragonfly then lives a mere six months or so before dying. Transitory mean brief, short-lived, temporary."

"I'm confused. So what is the word?"


"Caducity? What does that mean?"

Rather than making a futile attempt to explain, I took a moment to admire the winged creature, slowly opening and closing its wings while basking in the late afternoon sunshine. Six months. Such an incredibly brief instant of time for such a marvel of design. Maybe it was a reminder from our creator to make the most of every moment. Or maybe a loved one from the other side was sending a message. Perhaps my time on this planet was now fraught with caducity.

"It doesn't matter. My crossword is done, and I am now ready to be brought inside. I think I'll have my dinner in the sitting room this evening."

"Very good, Genev... I mean, Madame Libellule. Also, the cook wants you to review your birthday dinner menu before the party this weekend. Shall I bring it to you at the same time?"

Birthday parties. More fitting for children than for a woman of my age. I had the distinct feeling this celebration was more for my family, as a way to assuage their guilt for not visiting more often. However, far be it for me to turn down an opportunity to have a house full of people again, if only for a short time.

"Yes, that will be fine."

"Okay, great!" She put her fake smile back on as she prepared to push me back inside. "Are you getting excited for it? I mean, it's not every day you turn 250 years old!"

STORY NOTE - Libellule is French for dragonfly.

Spy With My Little Eye

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You should do more creative writing!!!!!

Aww, thanks @jaynie. Working on it, and appreciating the incentive to do so from #PowerHouseCreatives and @freewritehouse! However, @zord189 is being a tough taskmaster this week... 😂

Wow, I'd say your brain was working rather well...what a wonderfully creative, rather intricate story. Full of much meaning and thought, hooks and loops, and one of the best I've read in awhile. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for a nice Saturday read. Cheers on a grand weekend ahead, or are we in the middle of it? Oh well, a weekend is a weekend is a weekend, no matter what.

Wow right back atcha, @ddschteinn! I loved your comment so much I read it aloud to my hubby - thanks so much in return! And I think my weekend was grand - it went by so fast I hardly had time to realize! Hope you have an amazeballs week, and thanks again for dropping by!

Neat shot of the dragon fly and you webbed it into the freewrite nicely.

Thank you so much, @redheadpei! 😊

Nice ending. Loved it.

Namaste, JaiChai

I'm glad you enjoyed my story, @jaichai. However, I really don't understand why you felt the need to discuss women's asses or post that picture in response to it. Regardless, I hope you have a nice day.

Just loosely connected, random thoughts. No offence intended.

Namaste, JaiChai

Way to dovetail all that creative talent into entries into two contests at once! Great freewrite story to fit with the I Spy contest by PHC. I like your little kicker at the end - 250 years old.....

Thanks, @blueeyes8960! I have to admit, I'm a sucker for a surprise ending, and I couldn't resist adding that little tidbit - glad you appreciated it! 😂 😊 🤗


I love that word and I love your red libellule and Madame, she, herself.

We have the odd red and beautiful blue dragonflies in the garden in summer. I love them. Of course you know they are neither dragon-ish nor fly-ish in the negative senses of those words.

And those gossamer wings....

I actually squealed a bit when my Google search result for "French word for dragonfly" yielded that result, @fionasfavourites! And as is usual for our amazing rental home, we are entirely spoiled by how many dragonflies come a calling. Much appreciate your appreciation, dear lady! 😊 🤗