Corporations and Shareholders are Psychopaths

It seems that only 2% of Amazon shareholders voted to ban selling their facial recognition software. It is time to change the rules of corporations to put people over profit. If we required corporations to value long-term profit, instead of short-term, perhaps corporations and shareholders would stop being psychopaths. What are these companies going to do when hungry people start coming after them with pitchforks?


Banning doesn't work.
It would just force it to go to black market.
It just free market. If their a demand their a will.
Making it legal makes it more cleaner and easier to regulate and combat.
Free market takes care of bad actors.

I agree that banning something just makes it go underground. The issue here is not about banning, but about putting limits on a technology that can easily lead to all sorts of violations of privacy and overreach by government and businesses. Without regulations the face recognition technology is a huge potential threat to all of us. In this case, Amazon is voting to sell the tech without appropriate regulations in place.It is a clear sign of putting profit over people, but Amazon has been doing that for years. In fact, most large successful companies, banks, etc. have gamed the system to make it easier for them to profit at almost everyone else's expense.

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I really think that's the problem of corporations right now, they don't even think about the welfare of their workers which they should always prioritize because without them their company will fail. Thanks for sharing this with us and have a great day!

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