Whatever it takes - Vote for @steemitbloggers aka PowerHouseCreatives as we help build Steemit

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Image created by me in my text editor/ inspired by a photo by Jon Tyson in unsplash. Mine is not a photo but I do want to credit Jon Tyson since his photo inspired me.

Do you believe in fate or do you believe things happen for a reason? I am of the second way of thinking. Our words contain so much more power than we often realize.

Earlier this week with all the weather we have been having I said to my husband, "I need a jeep." And the next day it manifests.

I get stuck in the alley in snow and I look up and here comes a yellow jeep, just like the one I thought of when I told my husband I need a jeep.

Three college kids jump out and after some time we get the car out of the alley. It took a shovel, salt, a board, a stick and me. I really spun the wheels. haha!

Next time I may say I have everything I need but it would be nice to have a jeep.

It says in the bible, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God everything was created by the word of God."

I am going with that.

Before I close I do want to reach out and ask people that have not voted yet to please go to the poll and vote for @steemitbloggers. You may have nominated us but you have to vote again for us to win.

Steemit Community organizations are competing by votes to win a year-long 20,000SP delegation from @theycallmedan.

How to vote? I got the steps from @zord189 click here

  1. Click the below link.

  2. Login to steemconnect (PLEASE DO THIS FIRST)

  3. Select 'steemitbloggers'

  4. And you click vote!!
    Vote here: https://dpoll.xyz/detail/@theycallmedan/which-steem-project-should-i-delegate-20k-steempower-to-for-1-year/

There are other reasons to vote for @steemitbloggers and I think @bengy covers it well in his post here.

@steemitbloggers is a community of poets, writers, musicians, vloggers and bloggers (led by @jaynie and @zord189) who are bound in a community of engagement and support. This is a community that requires firstly a proof of quality and commitment to STEEM (instead of using the platform as a quick cash out scheme...) to be considered for entry. After entry, there is a required amount of engagement with others in the community, with real engagement on each other's posts... not just a quick upvote and generic comment.

I am affirming that we will come together and make this happen with "Whatever it takes".

Thank you for viewing ❤️
Live strong, Steem on!

This post was created by using #esteem by @good-karma.


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I sincerely hope Steemitbloggers get it! I love what you are doing here and I am going to make the time this year to try to be worthy enough to join a writing group!

Steem on! and win!!!




Hi Denise. :-)


  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Hi, Quill !

May the best Steemitbloggers win! ;)



Thank you @dswigle!!! We are working our little HINEYS off to try and make that happen lol :) Really appreciate your support xxx


My support and I will try to join after you win!!! You know you will!!!!

Fingers crossed!



YAY!!!! And thank you for the tip honey xxx


Oh, it is always my pleasure!


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You are so cool! Thank you @dswigle it is quite the race and we go until Thursday. Great .. we are in the same boat. Writing is something we can all do. You are more than worthy. :)


It IS quite the race!!! I know you guys can do it!!!


Also thanks for the tip yay!


You know it is my pleasure!

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Yes!! Let's support our group LOL Tweeted it out as well!


Why thank you @mariannewest :) 🐶



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Much appreciated thank you :)

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
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Repeat after me: "I ... Want ... 100 ... dPoll ... votes ... for ... StemitBloggers."

If it works, I will write a poem that will wake Shakespeare. :-)

Good attitude, Reb.



I like that ... Maybe, I give thanks for 100 more dpoll votes for Steemitbloggers and @quillfire's poem...


hahahaha!!! LOVE IT!!!!

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Sweetie, I just wanted to stop by to say THANK YOU!!!! for being so AWESOME!!!! and for EVERYTHING you do for us!!! Love you LONG TIME!!! @rebeccabe xxx