"They Call Him Dan" (poem-contest) ... 20,000 STEEM Delegation Contest (Day 3)

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Poem by @QuillFire
Member, The Power House Creatives

They Call Him Dan

They call him Dan, who was the Man, 
The Man who said, “Enough,” 
I’ll not sit by and watch it die, 
I’ll call, the Gods, their bluff.   

I’ll use my might to flames ignite, 
Own profits, sacrifice, 
I’ll Delegate to elevate, 
Those Men who’ll pay a price.”   

And so they did as he had bid, 
Some Men, they drew their swords, 
For courage is contagious, 
As Fate all march towards.  

All shared a dream, of it a theme, 
All dreamt of what could be,  
To judge a Man by Merit, 
Not wealth nor pedigree.  

(Your Stanza)

Day 3

It's Day 3 of The Great @theycallmedan 20,000 STEEM Delegation Contest. 

Filtered/UnFiltered Vote Results

As with all things Steemit, there were some "voting shenanigans" during the first STEEM Delegation Contest. Hence, @theycallmedan created some filters to ensure that the dPoll voting was more fair this time around. When checking the Vote Totals, you must enter the following filter conditions:

As you can see, it makes a significant difference:

Day 2's Best Stanza Winner

Even on this Contest's opening day's launch, we were fortunate to have a number of excellent entries. It is obvious that some of my Power House Creatives' teammates have bee holding out on me, hiding their poetic skills so as to avoid, well probably ... me.

Anyway, the Winner for The Best Stanza (1) [there will be 5 total] is: @girlbeforemirror

I'm Marg's poetry mentor ... but don't believe that afforded her an advantage. If anything, I judge her far more harshly than I do others. (And, she deserves it because she's bloody cheeky and gives me endless amounts of grief.) 

For all of Marg's literary talents, which are enormous, she isn't a Slave to the Rules. But, then again, neither am I. But she's way worse. She was supposed to write ... ONE Stanza. And, this SINGULAR Stanza was supposed to be a continuation of MY Poem. 

Marg, however, was not alone in "creatively interpreting" the instructions. 

Anyway, for the rest of this Contest, I will apply my Honor Code & Discretion to determine what qualifies as an entry because, if I don't ... I'd have to disqualify 75% of you.

Arrrgh ... poets are high maintenance.

Here's Marg's entry (since she did not include a title, I took some liberties):

@girlbeforemirror (66)  ·  9 hours ago

"Quill" Rhymes With "Will" (Shakespeare)

Waving his sword, they all applaud,
The macho men of might,
Those god's and men, clashed to defend,
Meek fishies right to bite. 

They battled hard, those men and bard,
Their commander was tough,
This band of man, their strong command,
Was made of mighty stuff. 

The tale he told, this bard so bold,
Sold masculine and mean,
The truth is grand, this brawny band,
Rallied behind their queen. 

A tougher broad, not chain record,
Until she hit the scene,
She may look cute, but none refute,
Front line her boots did gleam. 

So boys stay brave, she's vows to save,
The battle lines are drawn,
Do not be fooled, she won't be cooled,
She'll fight and tweet til dawn. 

She draws her sword, along with Zord,
Women and men of truth,
Blockchain record, great Dan reward,
Now hit that polling booth. 

Did I mention "cheeky?" 

Despite Marg's poem, "'Quill" Rhymes With "Will" (Shakespeare)," having broken EVERY SINGLE Rule of the Contest, it is of such excellent quality I simply must award her the Prize. Moreover, if I didn't, it is all-but-certain that @jaynie would kick me out of Power House Creatives. For those who haven't intuited it ... @jaynie's ... "The Queen." 

The Rules (That No One Is Following)

1. Write ... One Stanza (4 lines) that follow what I have already written.

2. Drop it in my comments section. You may also create your own post and drop a hyperlink in that comment.

3. Go back to Yesterday's Contest Post and upvote ... at 100%, you cheap buggers ... the Winner's comment.

4. Upvote my damn post ... at 100%!!!

5. I will apply my Honor Code and Discretion to determine which of your rule-breaking entries qualifies.  

6. I am all about Meritocracy. There will be no "spreading around the Prizes to make sure everyone gets their turn." If you want to win, write the Best Stanza. If the same person wins every day, so be it.


Click the Original Contest Post for a full explanation. 

Ongoing, there will be a slight modification. So as to distribute the Power House Creatives' (SteemitBloggers) limited upvoting power amongst as many PHC Contest-related posts as possible, @QuillFire will Wallet Transfer 3 STEEM to each Daily Winner of The Best Stanza. We're also hoping for lots of other Participant and PHC Member support.    

20,000 STEEM Delegation Contest 

If you haven't dPoll voted yet, please do. The directions are directly below. It's quick and easy. 

To win, we will NEED every possible vote, including yours. Although we are second-to-none in quality, we are massively outnumbered in quantity (nevertheless, so far, we are in First Place). We count upon ALL those who share our ethos, that: Content Shall Be Compensated Commensurate With Its Quality to support us, so that we can lead the charge to transform the blockchain into something everyone can be proud of. 

Lastly ... don't forget to go back and cry over my first Contest poem, Victory's Price.


How To Vote

  1. Click this Link 
  2. When asked, Login to steemconnect
  3. Select "steemitbloggers"

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These men took heart, for tis a start
To make this Steemworld great,
A place to share, Men who dare,
To live, to love, to create.

I think I got the rules right this time! :)



Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

Very, very well done. When this Contest is over, guess who's going to be writing some more poetry. I'm making a list.



Awwww, thank you. I always want to be on lists, lol.


Ooh, the ladies are throwing it down! Love this!


Ha ha, it was worth a shot. Can't always let the guys have all the fun!


See? It works.

Hoodoo? You do! ;)

A vibrant and joyous, "Bravo!" and a shower of rose petals for @girlbeforemirror's fabulous and brilliant work! Kudos, whether she broke any rules or not! 😁


@thekittygirl & @girlbeforemirror,

She knows how to make an entrance, doesn't she? Two days in the Power House Creatives ... and BOOM!

Cinderella at the Ball.


The desert dry and mountain high
Them would not turn astray
And neither would the lows in which
They struggle sometimes may

P.S. Please, slap me around with a large trout but that was what came to mind and will not be discarded... nope, too late (I mean it's time for dinner).



Manol ... You're The Man! This is wonderful.

Very well done. Anglophones ... Manny's Bulgarian. English is NOT his first language. What is your excuse?

Get in here ... and give me some sugar.



Thanks, Quill...

But do take a VP vacation soon, you'll have to when you reach the zero, anyway.



What my upvotes lack in buying power, they make up for in symbolism. :-)



I get that. What's the Votean symbol for 'good night and have an awesome weekstart tomorrow'?

Hey Hey! Love it! @girlbeforemirror !
Oh yes poet's can be difficult!
I fear that is one area I am lacking in!
All Hail the Queen!



Oh yes poet's can be difficult!

Especially ... girl poets. :-)


Congratulations @girlbeforemirror, you cheeky sassafrass!

Rules, schmules. ;) (This said by an absolute stickler for following the rules in most situations) I'm glad @girlbeforemirror didn't follow them because that was an outstanding piece!



Now you can see why I pushed so hard to get her into PHC. Marg has one of the most creative minds I've ever encountered. And, we've become very good friends ... she is naturally, "noble." Our emails are chapter-length. :-)

She will be an excellent addition to our family.

I'm still going to tease her though. She's at her best when provoked. :-)


"Quill" Rhymes With "Will" (Shakespeare)

All I am going to say is that @savagekathryn is right!

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They do rhyme. Just saying.



Did I say they didn't?

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