Some Say I Have Big Feet...I Say I Won't Tip Over Easily {#PowerHouseCreatives Contest}

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Sneakers, sneaks, tennis shoes, tennies, trainers, running shoes, crosstrainers...


My pal @zord189 challenged us #powerhousecreatives folks to think about what kind of shoe we would be for the weekly community contest. Though he normally encourages us to get creative, I might just take it the more literal route this time around. "To thine own SHOE be true..." or something like that. 😉 These contests have traditionally been a fun way for me to branch out of my usual content and share some personal history, so I might as well stick with the formula for this one.

I don't think it will come as much of a surprise that if I were a shoe, you would find me in the athletic section of the store. Due to my career choice and love of running, I buy more sneakers than any other type of shoe. I try to embrace a minimalist approach to my spending, but running shoes are something I do have to purchase on a regular basis. Feet are pretty darn important when you stand on them all day I think part of my choice in jobs had some small part to do with being able to where comfortable clothes all day, haha. Trying to find a size 11 in women's shoes was traditionally a bit challenging, but over the years the demand has helped the offerings grow for us long-footed gals.

IMG_20181006_112247850_HDR 1.jpg

I tend to be a creature of habit, so I often stick with shoes I like as long as I can find them. My favorite brand for quite some time has been Merrell. At this point I can't tell you how many different colors of the same style I've had over the years!


After suffering with IT band syndrome from overtraining for my first half marathon years ago, I switched to minimal shoes like these and never looked back! I love having a better connection with the ground. My running form improved considerably after getting used to them, and I enjoy training in the gym in light, responsive shoes, as well. Generally I buy whatever color is on sale, so the latest ones just happened to be bright yellow. Blue is always my favorite, though. 💙


Besides just being athletic, how else are they like me? Well, they're quite practical. Pretty sturdy despite looking a little lean. Vegan (yes, that's one of the great things about this style in this brand--vegan-friendly materials!). Not fussy at all. Willing to go the extra mile. Always down for some fun and activities. And they keep a low profile. 😉


Despite loving my sneaks, shoes have always been an item that brings up a little bit of anxiety for me. I grew tall quite fast as a child, and my feet grew right along with the rest of me. Pants and shoes were a bit tough to find in the right size. My feet were long, but narrow. Apparently a lot of shoe designers at the time didn't realize that not all big feet were also wide. With also having the issue of pants sometimes being too short, I was always self-conscious of what my feet looked like in shoes.

@jaynie wrote a post recently about how her son was the recipient of some unfortunate bullying in school, and it brought up a lot of memories for me growing up with judgmental peers. I can remember distinctly a time when a boy told me I must be "really good at barefoot water skiing because your feet as big as the skis." Of course later on in life I realize he was just intimidated because I was probably taller (and made better grades) than he was, but at the time it was just one of many hurtful comments I received that all added up to some serious confidence issues.

I hated dressing up because I never wanted to have to wear any type of heel and be even taller than I was already. Stick me in a stiletto and I feel like a baby giraffe learning how to walk even to this day! Thank goodness for time and perspective. I know many women worry about aging, but so far I absolutely love getting older and continuing to care less and less about what others think if I feel good about myself. Don't get me wrong, I still catch myself comparing myself to others or wishing I was a bit more stylish, but I also know I look and feel damn good in a pair of jeans and sneakers.


Years ago I wouldn't be caught dead wearing bright yellow rain boots, but now I think they were the best $14 I've ever spent. I can splash through the streets of Atlanta without getting my beloved minimal sneakers drenched. Even better is when I wear my black and white striped tights with them, which make me look like a bumble bee. 🐝 Most of the time they actually put a smile on people's faces when they see me on a dreary day, so I look forward to rainy days sometimes just to have an excuse to break them out!


Speaking of smiling, these ridiculous heels were gifted to me by a client as a joke, and they have definitely brought some good laughs on the few occasions I have brought them out of the closet! They may or may not have come with me to a pole dancing class with some girlfriends... I do have to be careful in these, though, as I could easily break an ankle taking a step in them. I tried to find the picture of me wearing them in the gym when he first gave them to me, but I think it might be on someone else's phone. I believe they make me about 6'3" tall at least. 😂 I've thought about giving them away, but in Marie Kondo-speak, they still spark joy for now.


I'll finish out with a longtime classic. These are my favorite concert-going shoes, and I've had a similar pair in my closet ever since I was about 10 years old. They were a close second for which shoes I think are "me". My niece likes these, too, so I may have to keep a close eye on them. Her feet look like they might just about be as big as mine some day, so hopefully I can guide her along and be proud of being a gal with a solid footing underneath her.



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That’s a pretty varied collection you got going there! I have 34 pairs of shoes, I used to really be into them a while back but I havnt bought one in ages I don’t know it was a phase I went through when I first started working lol

I do run through soccer boots every 6 months though

I absolutely love getting older and continuing to care less and less about what others think if I feel good about myself.

It took me 50 years to get to this point, so good on you!

I loved this - all of it. 'Specially those heels that "may" have gone pole dancing...

That last pic of your niece made me smile. A good way to start my day.

Oh I'm definitely still a work in progress, but I have to say my 30's have been quite liberating in moving forward from being so darn self-conscious. Though hopefully I will continue on the up trend for many more decades to come. My grandmother was a hoot in her 80's--didn't filter what came out of her mouth one bit. I aspire to be there some day, too.

To be fair, those heels went along for the trip, but I wore some slightly more sensible heels with actual buckled straps for the class. As fun as it was, it was definitely a one and done excursion! Now if only I could remember what vegetable-related stripper name I picked for the night..😂

And one more smile, the little one was wearing her "jellies" today. Sparkly, flower topped sandals to go for a walk that turned into "let's see who is faster Aunt Katie!" At least I got her to run on the grass and not the pavement...

Your aunt: what a fabulous role model! And if your relationship with your niece is anything to go by, you are already there - for her... And yes that did make me smile :D

Haha, I think I bought quite a few when I first starting working, as well. Probably didn't help that I worked at a women's clothing store where of course we also sold shoes!

That's about how often I change out my running shoes. Sometimes I can stretch it out to 9 months if I haven't been doing a lot of distance running, but 6 usually seems to be about the trend. :)

Thats quite a variety of shoes you shared with us and a great read
My selection of shoes is pretty basic I used to buy one pair and if thet were comfortable wear them till they started falling apart and then buy a new pair, now with my feet and leg issues I have 4 Pairs that I wear and trotate through them each day and that seems to help

Most gentlemen I know are a lot more restrained than us ladies when it comes to shoes. My boyfriend has a decent amount, but really only wears a few pairs. He just tries to keep his nice ones well-cared for so he only has to go shoe shopping once a decade, haha. Though I do have a friend who dates a man with a shoe collection that could be in a museum. He has over 200 pairs of sneakers I believe. Wears some, but as soon as he does they are cleaned up and put back in the closet in pristine condition. Suits her well since they often go out in matching pairs. 🤷‍♀️

I think your right but there are exceptions a friend of our family has a walk in closet, just for his shoes, I saw a photo of it once he has literally hundred of them

I walk a lot so I have never had a pair of shoes last a decade, I think at best maybe 18 Months is a long time for a shoe to last me

Have a great weekend

oh I'm right there with you! I was made fun of for being tall and skinny and having long feet lol. Kids used to cal me giraffe and ironing board (not nice, I know!), but guess who's laughing now! Oh and I LOVE those yellow boots =)

Oh my gosh, ironing board? That's at least one I never got. It really is funny now though since a lot of my gal pals always talk about how they wish they were taller and had long legs like I do. We always want what we can't have, haha. Those boots really are my fave. I know I've shared pictures of them before, but they really are too fun not to share with the world. ;)

Being tall is one of the best things that can happen to a woman, but you don’t really appreciate it til you’re older. I know I didn’t. But now I love it. Glad you’re seeing the juicy side, the freedom from self consciousness. Love those yellow boots!

Yes! So many things we don't realize until we get some age and wisdom, right? I love not having to use a step stool, haha!

I loved this!! What an awesome post!!! :) It totally brought a smile to my face! I especially loved the rainboots!!! I would so wear black and white tights with them!!! LOL OMG! Yes!

I have a few pair of running shoes that I rotate with. I love them all and only one Avia, one Brooks and one from Asics. I may try out Merrill, but for some reason, I thought they were mainly for the trail and never tried them!

Thanks for this post!! It may have solved where I will get my next one from!!


Yay, a smile was indeed what I was going for! :)

A lot of the Merrell are designed more for trails, but I adore the minimal line. They have worked well for me for so many years now. I do have a pair of really comfortable sandals of theirs, as well, that are awesome for tubing or other water-related activities where a solid shoe is important! I haven't tried any of their boots yet, but I think they get good reviews, as well!

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Awesome piece of shoe history there! Love the mountain snap (unsurprisingly) and the Wellingtons are really cool! Definitely festival attire there!

I know the agony of IT band strain as it happened to me after a run when I was training too, horrible. Now I'm forever recovering from shin pain if I run so I stick to walking 🙂

Good luck in the contest

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I hope to make it back up to the mountains some time this year again, so hopefully more shoe/mountain shots in the future, haha. I remember going to Oregon to visit friends years ago and they were so afraid for me going hiking in those same type of shoes. I told them I'd probably be much more likely to twist an ankle in heavy boots I wasn't used to!

Hopefully some day you can get back to running again, but it's always best to listen to the body if it's telling you that's not the right thing at the moment!

Your feet don't really look that big to me. I wonder what a ladies size 11 would be equal to in a men's shoe size? The boots look really neat!

Thanks! They really do fit the rest of my size, so luckily they're not ridiculously out of proportion, haha. I suppose I didn't think about how sizes differ throughout countries, but to put it into perspective my boyfriend uses an old pair of my running shoes for mowing the lawn. We're both just under 6 feet tall, so I suppose it makes sense that we wear just about the same size shoe. His feet are a bit wider though. ;)

Well said about not tipping over, really liked your entry for the contest. Wishing you all the best for that.

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much! Very much appreciate the support!

I think I would join you on this one @plantstoplanks! As for the shoe size, I'm not too far behind you wearing a 10 in tennies! I suffered the same bullying in school, and when I read your comment about "I say I won't tip over..." when I was young and bullied about my height and shoe size my mother told me I not to worry, if I had a smaller shoe size I would indeed tip over, lol You are indeed wise, as I have gotten older, none of this matters, you are gorgeous! Perfect! Love this post!

I struggled with the title for a bit, but I also remembered getting told the same thing! I always like to say I'm just proportionate. ;) Though I did really cringe when I remember learning about how some cultures would bind feet to make them look smaller and more pleasing. Ouch!

It really is so silly what people poke fun of others about, but luckily most of us live and learn. Now my feet are fast and take me anywhere I would like to go! :)

Woah... some really interesting shoes there! I love the crazy high heeled ones! They are so completely different to all your other ones!

Haha, yeah, those heels mostly sit around collecting dust. They are just too fun to get rid of, but the sneakers definitely pull most of the duty around here. ;)

I'm partial to Asics Gel.

Namaste, JaiChai

Definitely some good ones! :)

Always interesting how different and yet still the same area the perspective is when taking a photo from shoe height opposed to head height. Thanks for sharing.

The heels definitely needed a straight on shot to do them full justice! I tried to take a few snaps from above, but couldn't get the full effect, haha!

I love changing my shoes or having at least two pairs I can use.

I usually rotate out between a few pairs at any given time. I try to keep my running shoes just for running so they last longer, then I have a few that I rotate out for daily work and other workouts. Always fun to have different colors so I remember which are which! :)

Love the shoes!! And the boots! Ok now you need a red raincoat to go with it 😁

And girl those heels! I wouldn't be able to walk in those either but they look good. Pole dancing you say? Ooooh you got some sass in you girl!

Posted using Partiko Android

I actually have a pink raincoat, haha! You can see me coming from a good ways away in the set for sure!

Sass, well sometimes, but the instructor separated us because we were laughing too hard...😂

That's a nice range of shoes you have there but sneakers is definitely your preference from what you've written here.
We all have our likes and dislikes and we stick to what makes us comfortable.
In a way it gives us confidence when we're able to stand and walk well.

Definitely! That's the great thing about having so many shoes available--we can all find the right fit! :)

Firstly 2 things we have in common, no 3.
We are both 6'3" and we both wear a size 11 shoe.
Then I was also bullied by guys telling me that my big ears looked like wide open barn doors.

Finally if I were to be a shoe, I definitively wouldn't like to be your shoe, as you torture them by running in them for miles every day hahaha
I would rather be a politician's shoe as they sit in parliament all day Lol.

Btw. I am the same with shoes as JJ @tattoodjay, I have one pair of shoes and I weld in them, I preach in them, I work in them and I even climb mountains with them. Until they practically fall off my feet, as I hate to "home" a new pair of shoes Lol

Haha, well I'm only that tall in those shoes, otherwise I probably would have gotten fun of even more! Oh goodness, people are really mean sometimes. Though they usually aren't too clever since they always seem to use the same insults, don't they? Perhaps that's why you're so kind--your ears are big enough to hear everything and everyone! I would say that is a strength and not a weakness. :)

I do put a beating on my shoes, but sounds as though you do, too! Just in a slightly different way. ;)

Hahaha, since I started moving up in the boxing ranks they became very friendly and not one of the teased me anymore my friend. That certainly put paid to that and I never took revenge. I think all of us have to go through painful lessons in our life as it's school fees and we learn how not to treat others.
I like your Giraffe shoes and I was trying to get a smile outta ya!

I always learn something new about you Katie. You are full of surprises, but you are not the only on with big feet, lol. I am not even that tall and my feet are pretty big 😂 I love all of your shoes by the way. Those sneakers look very comfortable; I should get me pair of those too 😍

My younger sister isn't very tall but has feet almost as big as mine, so we come in all shapes and sizes. :) I'm just glad it's not as hard as it used to be to find comfortable shoes that look pretty good, too! I love the Merrells. They took a little while to get used to when I first switched, but not I have a hard time wearing anything else for any length of time!

My younger sister is very tall, you may be same height and she has little bit bigger feet than me, now when I am older and I need more comfortable shoes I can have her size too, lol. I have to check those Merrells, see how they would fit me 😊

Those are some well traveled shoes! I'm sure you've gotten your money's worth from them.

I can remember distinctly a time when a boy told me I must be "really good at barefoot water skiing because your feet as big as the skis." Aw, he was probably just jealous that your feet were bigger than his. Size issues, y'know.

Hahaha, size issues indeed! That got me giggling. ;)

I can just imagine how difficult it is getting a size 11, but how right you are about our feet, fortunately you realised this early in life!
Since a bad ankle fracture a couple of years ago I see just how important it is as that foot and the good foot which I now favour, both suffer when I've been standing too long! Ever since then, I've been buying shoes only to give them away soon thereafter so if I find a comfy pair I often go back and buy a second pair in another colour. Your pole dancing shoes are sure ankle breakers;)

Ouch! I sprained an ankle pretty badly back in my basketball days during high school, but luckily it hasn't given me any trouble later in life. I have a client who still has issues after a bad break, as well. That makes comfy shoes that much more important!

Yes, those shoes are definitely a hazard! Luckily the only times I've put them on have been mostly for a fun photo, not for actual wear, haha! I don't want to ruin my running season over those! ;)

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The best shoes for me are the merrell, I love them, just like I love those yellow boots hahaha.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed my shoe choices. :)

@plantstoplanks - Love it! True stories make the best narratives - you made this a fun post all about shoes. And the pole dancing class, lol.

Shoes with a backstory........I think my Chinese grocery store $2 flip-flops that the my landlord's dogs chewed on represent me perfectly.

Haha, so you're saying you can endure most any type of hardship and still keep flopping along? ;)

Let's go with that, what you've said is way more elegant than what I was thinking.

I love the little sweetness and her mesmerising look at all the shoes from mummy i had that growing up aswell her shoes were heaven.
AND for the bullying , larger feet can kick harder if you know what i mean
Great blog you got a winner
And i love the yellowish heels

Yes! Definitely true about the kicking. Luckily I only had to resort to that once. ;) He never made fun of me again after that...