Ulog 125: Grandma's Kitchen Wisdom Facts & Fun Trivia

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One day recently when I was out doing some errands, I came across a rummage sale set up outside an adult community complex and I just had to pull over and see what was happening.

It's been years since I have been able to stop at a rummage sale; as they always have some of the best treasures for people like me: frugal, looking for unusual items and long forgotten trinkets from yester-year.


Well at this rummage sale I found a back up Corning Ware 8-cup stove top percolator (barely used) and other miscellaneous items, but my true treasure was this...


I couldn't wait to settle one evening and start reading it!

This book (publish date 1998) normally sells used online for about $10, but I got it for one-dollar; now that's what I'm talking about!

  • There's 33 chapters of wondrous ideas, tips and kitchen tricks that I can remember my maternal grandmother using
  • From herbs and seasonings' tips to bugs, critters and pests helpful hints; this book is FULL of ideas of days gone by that you can still use today

For example... Chapter Two is about "Baking Secrets", and shares how you can uses a taste test to determine and tell the difference between plain and self-rising flour.

And did you know if you spray the dough hook of a large mixer with oil that it will prevent the dough from climbing up the hook? I did not!

And to prevent a soggy pie crust for a cream filled pie, sprinkle a little sugar onto the cooled pie crust before adding the cream pie filling. It usually eliminates the sogginess of the crust and provides a barrier between the cream filling and flaky crust.

There are just so many tips, ideas and hints in this book that I am devouring every chapter.

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Just that pattern on the Corning Ware brings me right back to being in the kitchen with my mom and grandma! Some great finds for sure! I'm still doing my best to minimize some of my belongings, but I wouldn't be able to resist some fun stuff like that if I came across it. 😉

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OMGosh!! I know!
I told my mom about it and sent her the picture... she said that's the exact percolator she had when she and my dad were married. They've been married 54 years!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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And did you know if you spray the dough hook of a large mixer with oil that it will prevent the dough from climbing up the hook? I did not!

I didn't know that either! Very cool and useful.

This book is by far one of my favorites to date! I can't stop picking it up to read a few more pages.

Grandmother does have wisdom all the time. So I know that must be a super duper great book to have. =)

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Oh yes! Reading some of the tips remind me of my grandma and helping her in the kitchen. She was so particular about not wasting and I always thought she was a plethora of information.

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That book sounds like a great resource. Hmm, I'm a grandma now. I wonder if I have enough kitchen wisdom to write my own book? I don't think so; I am always asking my sister questions. She's the one who could write a book.

lol- same here! Grandma to six little ones... full of information too!

Rummage sales are great fun. Also have not been to one on years. We dont really hear of them much around here. Although maybe it's just me lol

It was so nice wandering around and looking at all the treasures.
Plus all proceeds went to an Alzheimer's organization.

Sounds like a real win win xxx

The wisdom of the older generation is sooooooo valuable. Smart or not so, years and years of lessons are ours to learn without making as many mistakes if we connect with our elders

Sounds like grandmas kitchen is a great source of wisdom!

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There isn't a day, week or month that I don't wish I had listened better to my grandmother when she was gardening, canning, preserving and cooking. She was such an inspiration to me; but I didn't realize it then.

I love that book! I got it on BuyNothing a couple years ago. :))

Awesome! Considering I paid $1 for it, I was quite pleased. I rarely pay over a dollar for any book if I can, so this is a treasured find for me.

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I like to find old things, useful things that and not not give a lot of money and which, in fact, cannot be found in stores or libraries.
The tips in that book are sure to be very useful.

I never would have thought to search for this book, as i had ever heard of it before; so it's a gold mine to me now.

I understand! The greater the pleasure ...

Howdy goldendawne! Those are both great finds! I haven't seen one of those Corning perculators for decades and the kitchen idea book is worth tons more than a dollar, you did fantastic!