My recipes - now in printable format - Red lentil coconut curry with brinjal

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I have started creating downloadable versions of the recipes on my blog. It certainly makes a difference to me, having a "made-up" recipe printed and in my recipe file. Easy to find and I discover that the recipe actually works!

If you want it, it's here

I am gradually updating all the recipes on my blog - it'll take time. As I do, I'll share them there.

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That's awesome! I still do enjoy having a hard copy many times vs having to constantly keep my screen open when following a recipe. There's just something to that food-stained piece of paper or cookbook page that just makes your heart happy, too. Now if only I had a downloadable version of you. We just picked almost 35 pounds of peaches and I need help, haha!! Though I did just find a pressure cooker peach jam recipe that should be pretty darn easy to take care of a few pounds at least...

I nearly choked:

a downloadable version of you

What happened to beam me up, Scotty?

If I were closer, I would most certainly be there and helping. Why not bottle some? In a light syrup. Chutney? I am thinking of a puree to make a granita or sorbet...

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I like the way you think! The jam in the pressure cooker seems to have turned out nicely so far. Just waiting for it to cool down now so I can place it in my jars. :) I don't know why I don't think of chutney more often. I made peach salsa with the last haul, so a chutney would be nice for something slightly different. I've been on a nice cream kick lately, as well, but perhaps I'll do a peach version with my popsicle molds!

Oh, and what about a peach crisp for dessert? An oat and nut topping?

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That's a definite. Though right now we're enjoying a peach, mint, lime & gin cocktail while the BF gets ready to man the grill. 😉

That sounds just divine. Good evening and nite nite from McGregor!

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Sounds Delicious! Thanks for sharing!!

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